An analysis of smoking and gambling among Las Vegas visitors

John Paul Koenen, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


This research surveyed 414 Las Vegas visitors and obtained information on smoking status, gambling behavior, opinions of a smoking ban in casinos, and the effect a smoking ban would have on casino patronage. This information was analyzed to determine if there is an association between smoking and gambling among Las Vegas visitors; The study found that 24 percent of Las Vegas visitors smoke. Smokers spent more hours per day in casinos and budgeted more money for gambling than non-smokers. Smokers and non-smokers stayed in Las Vegas about the same number of nights and had the same number of repeat visits over the past five years. Most Las Vegas visitors would support a federal smoking ban, but this ban would not effect the amount of time most Las Vegas visitors would spend in casinos. The data suggests that casinos would have more to gain than lose if smoking were banned.