Hamlet's objective of killing Claudius fuels dramatic action

Charles David Cannon, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Hamlet's Objective of Killing Claudius Fuels Dramatic Action proves that Hamlet's overall objective fuels the dramatic action of the play. The overall objective of Hamlet, for the purposes of this thesis, is to avenge his father's murder. The thesis also examines the structural elements of Hamlet, such as the delay aspects of Hamlet's behavior, and determines how these elements affect the audience. The paper investigates Shakespeare's skillful strategy of scene construction, transition, and the use of juxtaposition and parallelism. The thesis shows how these elements contribute to the movement of dramatic action as Hamlet attempts to achieve his objective. Furthermore, a chapter of the thesis examines the structural content of Olivier's film version of Hamlet. Finally, the paper analyzes Hamlet's behavior toward Gertrude, Ophelia, the Ghost, and Horatio.