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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Rama Venkat

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Starting with a homojunction or graded heterojunction bipolar transistor, a complete model for the dc and ac performances of the device is developed based on the Ebers-Moll methodology. The formulation is modified to include the abrupt single HBT, by introducing the effects of the conduction band discontinuity at the base-emitter junction as an energy barrier for electrons flow resulting in transmission and reflection processes. Finally, using the same approach, the formulation is extended to the abrupt double HBT. The collector current as a function of collector-emitter voltage, the collector and base currents as a function of base-emitter voltage, the dc current gain as a function of collector current, the h parameters as a function of collector current, the ac current gain as a function of frequency, and finally the unity current gain cut-off frequency as a function of the collector current are calculated for various graded and abrupt, single and double AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs. The results are in good agreement with the reported data.


Bipolar; Dc; Hbts; Heterostructure; Modeling; Transistors

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Electrical engineering

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas


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