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Charalambos Papelis

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The partitioning of solutes between the solid mineral and aqueous phase frequently controls the fate and transport of contaminants in the subsurface environment. Consequently, parametric studies were performed to investigate the equilibrium sorption of Pb(II), Sr(II), CrO{dollar}\sb4\sp{2-}{dollar} and SeO{dollar}\sb3\sp{2-}{dollar} ions on zeolitized tuff from Rainier Mesa, Nevada, and on clinoptilolite from Jordan Valley, Oregon. The fractional uptake of the ions on the zeolitized tuff was investigated so that sorption isotherms and partitioning coefficients describing the affinity of the ions for the zeolitized tuff could be calculated. The fractional uptake of the ions on the clinoptilolite was investigated so that a comparison between the natural zeolitized tuff and the most common zeolite present in the tuffs could be made. Along with the geochemical parameters calculated, an interpretation of the qualitative differences in the partitioning behavior of these ions was made. This study indicates a markedly different behavior between the two cations, between the two anions, and between the cations and anions. Batch equilibrium sorption studies were performed as a function of pH, ionic strength, total solid adsorbent concentration, and total ion concentration in order to evaluate the importance of these geochemical parameters, and to investigate any similarities and differences in the partitioning behavior between these four ions.


County; Equilibrium; Ion; Mesa; Nevada; Nye; Rainier; Sorption; Studies; Tuff; Zeolitized

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Geochemistry; Geology; Environmental sciences

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas


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