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Mechanical Engineering

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Douglas Reynolds

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An inexpensive test system was developed for conducting vibration tests on vibration attenuating gloves using ISO Standard 10819: Mechanical Vibration and Shock--Hand-Arm Vibration--Method for the Measurement and Evaluation of the Vibration Transmissibility of Gloves at the Palm of the Hand. A small electromechanical shaker initially incapable of handling a 42-58 N static push applied to its handle during glove testing was modified using a simple air bladder so it could handle the required forces. Test procedures were developed to obtain the proper input acceleration levels delivered to the shaker's handle without using a feedback network. Using these procedures, a cross section of gloves designed to reduce hand-transmitted vibrations were tested according to ISO Standard 10819. Each of these gloves used one of the following materials to reduce vibrations: Gelfom, Viscolas, Akton, Sorbothane, or an air bladder. Of all the gloves tested, the only ones that met the antivibration criteria of ISO Standard 10819 used air bladder technology. Based upon the test procedures developed in this project and the results obtained, appropriate recommendations were made regarding proposed changes to the test procedures and evaluation guidelines specified in ISO Standard 10819.


Antivibration; Conducting; Development; Evaluation; Gloves; Inexpensive; Iso; Procedure; Standard; Systems; Tests; Vibration

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Mechanical engineering

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