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Mark Hoffman

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Numerous questions exist regarding the utilization of sensory information for postural control. Past research establishes the possibility that cognitive tasks requiring visual perception may affect the processing of visual information for postural control. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of varying demands of visual perception associated with a concurrent cognitive task on postural control in healthy, young adults (N = 30). The postural sway of each participant was tested in six conditions, 2 (Eye Movement) x 3 (Cognitive (none, visual, auditory)) on a Kistler force platform. Significant differences were observed between the No Cognitive condition and one or both of the other cognitive conditions. No differences were present between the Visual and Auditory Cognitive tasks. Significant differences were also observed between Eye Movement and No Eye Movement conditions. In conclusion, specific visual and cognitive manipulations can effect postural control in young healthy adults.


Cognitive; Control; Manipulations; Postural; Visual

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Medical sciences; Psychophysiology

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas


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