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Breast-feeding has many advantages: transfer of immune properties that protect against infection, decreased allergy incidence, promotion of brain development, and enhanced bonding between mother and child; The purpose of this study was identification of factors that influence a woman's decision to breast-feed or not to breast-feed. The population sampled was women with infants who accessed Women, Infant, and Children clinics for services. Data were collected using a tool designed by Hill (1991) to study breast-feeding in WIC versus non-WIC mothers and provided data to answer the five research questions. Demographic data revealed most of the 144 mothers were white, married, and had at least completed 12 years of school; Recommendations from the findings and conclusions raise support for further research and study including: further revisions and refinement of the tool, expanding the study population to include women of higher education, other ethnic backgrounds, and education on breast-feeDing In addition, since only fifty percent of the participants indicated support by nurses or physicians for breast-feeding, raises the issue of what content and how much emphasis is placed on the benefits of breast-feeding in these professionals' education programs.


Access; Breast; Clinics; Effects; Factors; Feeding; Southern; Utah; Women

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Nursing; Public policy; Women's studies; Public health

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