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Master of Arts (MA)


Ethics and Policy Studies

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Craig Walton

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This argument will examine the ethical issues, policies, and controversy surrounding the AIDS afflicted health care worker, especially the HIV positive Physician/Surgeon. The discussion encompasses evaluation of rights of the individual, natural and otherwise, with focus on the rights of confidentiality, privacy, and disability rights and related laws that pertain to afflicted individuals. The discussion will examine the ethical responsibilities of the HIV positive health care worker within the medical practice, along with issues of the patient rights of informed consent, institutional responsibility, and the policy positions of professional associations representing afflicted individuals. Protective legislation for victims of communicable disease will be balanced against the issues of public health with focus on the legislative beginnings of these protective laws, and protections offered by the various laws, common and otherwise. Policy recommendations for the treatment of these individuals and those that are affected by their actions will be offered.


Afflicted; Aids; Compliance; Death; Deficiency; Ethics; Immune; Immune Deficiency; Physician; Voluntary

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Philosophy; Public health; Medicine

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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