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Criminal Justice

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Terance Miethe

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In June of 1991, the Monograph 109 supervision manual changed the role of the U.S. Probation/Pretrial Officer from predominately that of a social worker to an enforcement agent. Officers now perform enforcement activities and supervise a more dangerous clientele. This shift in responsibilities did not result in increased safety training. Safety issues have become a major concern for many officers; The current research involved a national survey of U.S. Probation/Pretrial Officers to measure levels of victimization, concerns for personal safety and satisfaction for safety training. The results indicate that few officers were victims of physical assaults but a majority reported being victims of intimidation. The majority of respondents were concerned for their personal safety during field contacts and believed field work has become more dangerous. The research also indicated that scenario training, safety academy training, and defensive tactics training, were all associated with high levels of officer's satisfaction with training.


Concerns; Officer; Officers; Officersafety; Pretrail; Pretrial; Probation; Safety; Training; United States; Victimization

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Criminology; Adult education

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