• When put in a situation to get to higher/lower floors of a building, there are many factors that go into play for whether an individual chooses to take the stairs (active) or ride the elevator (sedentary).
  • Students were approached at waiting area for the four elevators in a University Library and were asked series of questions regarding their reasoning for taking the stair or elevator to ascend, as well as their thoughts on the stairwell appearance.
  • Point of application #1: Stairwell appearance and aesthetics should be considered during the design process in order to increase use and physical activity amongst individuals.
  • Point of application #2: Stairwell and elevator location, along with signage, should be considered during the design or remodeling process to create a more accessible stairwell.
  • Point of application #3: The benefits of taking the stairs rather than using an elevator should be promoted to encourage using the stairs.
  • Key Words: active lifestyle, active transport, point of decision prompt, physical activity, health