The University of Nevada Las Vegas designed its DesertSol house to reflect the spirit of the Mojave Desert. With reverence to the sun as both a source of harsh conditions and a solution for sustainable living, DesertSol harnesses abundant sunlight for solar electricity while capturing rain to provide evaporative cooling and irrigation. The ultra-efficient house is envisioned as a vacation home for a seasonal retreat—a basecamp for desert adventures that responds to its unique environment. DesertSol makes careful use of the desert's solar and water resources. Its design fuses modern architecture with a weathered aesthetic, the comfort of carefully selected materials, and the excitement of intriguing spaces to foster a spirit of openness and adventure.

As of 2018, DesertSol is on display as a permanent exhibit at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. The Springs Preserve is a cultural institution on 180 acres of natural exhibits, botanical gardens, hiking trails, and desert-living educational facilities that was built around the original water source of Las Vegas. More than 280,000 visitors a year view the house and learn more about sustainable living. The DesertSol project house serves as both an exhibit and model for sustainable homes of the future.


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