Privatization of prisons: Impact on prison conditions

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Local property tax "revolts" in California(1978) and in Oregon(1990,1997) altered to design of the state and local finance systems. Washington has also faced anti-tax pressures, dramatic tax cuts, though they have been limited by the courts. This paper considers the long term consequences of these changes for four specific budget areas: K-12 education; higher education, transportation; and fish and game over the period of 1978-1990 and 1990-2002. Specifically the paper examines how pressure to shift state general funds to K-12 funding alters the revenue structures of these programs. Three focal topics are: 1) the extent of cost-shifting to alternate revenue sources(such as tuition or other fees) that occurs following major tax cuts, 2) whether programs relying primarily on dedicated revenue sources (such as transportation/fuel taxes and fees) are affected by general fund pressures, and 3) whether smaller programs are protected when across the board cuts threatened them with extinction.


Education – Finance; Human services – Finance; Local taxation; Prisons – Finance; Property tax; Taxation; State


Public Affairs | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Policy | Taxation-State and Local




Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 9-12, 2003.


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