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UNLV Institute for Security Studies


Improving disaster response capabilities within this country requires better coordination not only within the Department of Homeland Security, but also across the federal government as well as with state and local governments, private and non-profit sectors. To do so, according to more than 150 state and local stakeholders that I surveyed in April, 2009 and again in April, 2010, requires that FEMA improve its capacity to fully support state, local and tribal stakeholders … that it improve its internal business practices so as to better implement federal policies and guidance…that it find a way to use thematic goals and transition forums so as to create a better understanding of prevention, protection and coordination in every region taking into account differences between states and major metropolitan areas. There are at least three strategic national challenges that need to be addressed in the process of doing so including 1. the shifting of preparedness and protection efforts toward an overall concept of national resiliency 2. building a framework that supports comprehensive and coherent preparedness and 3. ingraining sustainability into all homeland security and emergency management endeavors.


Emergency management; National security; United States. Dept. of Homeland Security; United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency


Defense and Security Studies | Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration