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Literature syntheses to develop status of knowledge reports are important to integrate and summarize the scattered scientific literature on a particular topic. The isolation and fragmentation of scientific literature on a topic is not necessarily a shortcoming of science. Rather, it is simply a consequence of having (1) research published in a diverse array of journals, (2) articles build on each other and therefore articles relevant to a particular topic can be published decades apart, and (3) funding virtually impossible to secure to do these periodic assessments of what we know and don’t know (competitive science grants want researchers to jump into novel, new research, and land management agencies, although wishful for syntheses, cannot typically target funding out of their budgets for syntheses).


California – Mojave Desert; Desert plants – Effect of fire on; Fire ecology; North America – Sonora desert; Perennials – Effect of fire on; Soil seed banks – Effect of fire on; Southwest; New; Wildfires – Environmental aspects


Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Sciences | Other Environmental Sciences

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