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Fires are becoming more prevalent events across the landscape in the southwestern US. Over the next several decades the already arid southwest is predicted to become warmer and drier, with longer summers, and an increase of “extreme” weather events such as lightening inducing thunderstorms. While the “hotter and drier” forecast may indicate less abundant plant life, and thus less available biomass for fuel, exotic invasive plant species are becoming more dominant across the landscape with increases in human travel and commerce. Exotic species (particularly many of the invasive grasses) are adding fuel for the fires to burn when the annuals are left as skeletons at the end of summer.


Desert plants – Effect of fire on; Fire ecology; Invasive plants; Nevada; Revegetation; Wildfires – Environmental aspects; Wildfires – Forecasting


Climate | Desert Ecology | Environmental Monitoring | Environmental Sciences | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Other Environmental Sciences | Weed Science

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