Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Public Policy and Leadership faculty. This department was founded in 2016, and replaces the School of Environmental & Public Affairs.


Submissions from 2005


Technical risk information: Decision tool or rhetorical ammunition? Undisputed facts in the Yucca Mountain debate, David M. Hassenzahl, Denise Tillery, and Paulette Laidler

The Relative efficiency and effectiveness of private vs. public adult prisons, Anna Lukemeyer and Richard McCorkle

International audiences for news of emerging technologies: Canadian and U.S. responses to bio- and nanotechnologies, Susanna Hornig Priest

Room at the bottom of Pandora's Box: Peril and promise in communicating nanotechnology, Susanna Hornig Priest

Science, technology and society, Susanna Hornig Priest


Strategic partnerships in public service, Christine G. Springer

Simulation models: Effective decision making tools for stakeholder involvement, Krystyna Anne Stave

A Group model building process to integrate land use, transportation, and air quality planning in Las Vegas, Nevada, Krystyna Anne Stave and Michael Dwyer


Microwave backscatter modeling of erg surfaces in the Sahara Desert, Haroon Stephen and David G. Long


Modeling microwave emissions of erg surfaces in the Sahara Desert, Haroon Stephen and David G. Long

Moisture mapping in the Amazon Basin using near-nadir and far-range backscatter slopes, Haroon Stephen, David G. Long, and Sajjad Ahmad

Casino Taxation and Economic Development: A Budget Game or a Game for Economic Development?, Christopher Stream and William N. Thompson

Will Wisconsin Taxpayers Receive Fair Revenue Sharing from Casinos? Don’t Bet on it!, Christopher Stream, William N. Thompson, and James H. Miller

Submissions from 2004

Researching soil and vegetation gradients in northern Arizona ponderosa pine forests, Scott R. Abella


Tree thinning and prescribed burning effects on ground flora in Arizona ponderosa pine forests: A review, Scott R. Abella

Monitoring an Arizona Ponderosa Pine Restoration: Sampling Efficiency and Multivariate Analysis of Understory Vegetation, Scott R. Abella and W. Wallace Covington

Slope Correction of Plot Dimensions for Vegetation Sampling in Mountainous Terrain, Scott R. Abella, Lawrence R. Gering, and Victor B. Shelburne


Ecology of Eastern prickly pear cactus (Opuntia humifusa) in Oak Openings Preserve, northwestern Ohio, Scott R. Abella and John F. Jaeger


Fifteen years of plant community dynamics during a northwest Ohio oak savanna restoration, Scott R. Abella, John F. Jaeger, and Lawrence G. Brewer


Ecological species groups of South Carolina's Jocassee Gorges, southern Appalachian Mountains, Scott R. Abella and Victor B. shelburne

Accommodating uncertainty in comparative risk, Clinton J. Andrews, David M. Hassenzahl, and Randen B. Johnson


Education finance reform in New York: Calculating the cost of a sound basic education "in New York City", William D. Duncombe, Anna Lukemeyer, and John Yinger

Integrating technology into introductory environmental science for prospective teachers, David M. Hassenzahl and Patricia Mynster

Decentralization and Corruption: The Bumpy Road to Public Sector Integrity in Developing Countries, M. Ernita Joaquin


Community acceptance of affordable housing, C. Theodore Koebel, Robert E. Lang, and Karen A. Danielsen

Financing a constitutional education: Views from the bench, Anna Lukemeyer

Can resource disparities explain the black-white test score gap?, Anna Lukemeyer and Robert Bifulco

The Impact of school finance reform litigation on resources available for black students, Anna Lukemeyer and Robert Bifulco


Public education and outreach on radioactive waste management issues at the Nevada Test Site, Helen R. Neill

Willingness to pay for dirt in Las Vegas, Nevada: A hedonic property study, Helen R. Neill


Converting low-level mixed waste into transuranic waste for geologic disposal at WIPP: A cost analysis, Helen R. Neill and Robert H. Neill

Potential environmental impacts of dust suppressants: "Avoiding another Times Beach", Thomas C. Piechota, Jeff van Ee, Jacimaria R. Batista, Krystyna Anne Stave, and David E. James

Biotechnology, media and public opinion across national boundaries, Susanna Hornig Priest

A Conceptual framework for applying system dynamics to the question of urban growth, Krystyna Anne Stave and Michael Dwyer

The Process of problem definition in a group model building project for sustainable urban planning in Las Vegas, Nevada, Krystyna Anne Stave and Michael Dwyer

Final project report: Water quality monitoring and public outreach at the Nature Preserve in the Clark County Wetlands Park, Krystyna Anne Stave and James Pollard

Analysis of scatterometer observations of Saharan Ergs using a simple rough facet model, Haroon Stephen and David G. Long


State efforts to expand health coverage: One bite at a time, Christopher Stream

Three traditions of network research: What the public management research agenda can learn from other research communities, Jessica Word, Frances S. Berry, and Ralph S. Brower

Submissions from 2003

Ecosystem modeling in Jocassee Gorges will help with future management, Scott R. Abella


Quantifying ecosystem geomorphology of the southern Appalachian Mountains, Scott R. Abella

Eastern White Pine Establishment in the Oak Landscape of the Ellicott Rock Wilderness, Southern Appalachian Mountains, Scott R. Abella and Victor B. Shelburne

Multifactor Classification of Forest Landscape Ecosystems of Jocassee Gorges, Southern Appalachian Mountains, South Carolina, Scott R. Abella, Victor B. Shelburne, and Neil W. MacDonald


Financing an adequate education: A case study of New York, William D. Duncombe, Anna Lukemeyer, and John Yinger


Clark County GIS vulnerability assessment project: Looking ahead, designing mitigation, and managing uncertainty, David M. Hassenzahl


Clark County pre-disaster mitigation project: Suggestions for project initiation, David M. Hassenzahl


Evaluation of the HUD Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity (ECHO) program, C Theodore Koebel, Julia Beamish, Karen A. Danielsen, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Privatization of prisons: Impact on prison conditions, Anna Lukemeyer

Book review for Tritium on Ice: The Dangerous New Alliance of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power, Helen R. Neill

Communicating environmental health risks to the general public: An examination of an information intervention for ultraviolet radiation, Helen R. Neill and David M. Hassenzahl


A Monte Carlo analysis of hedonic models using traditional and spatial approaches, Helen R. Neill, David M. Hassenzahl, and Djeto D. Assane


Perspectives on economic analyses for high level waste disposal, Helen R. Neill and Robert H. Neill


Perspectives on radioactive waste disposal: A consideration of economic efficiency and intergenerational equity, Helen R. Neill and Robert H. Neill

Biotechnology, media and public opinion across national boundaries, Susanna Hornig Priest

The “trust gap” hypothesis: Predicting support for biotechnology across national cultures as a function of trust in actors, Susanna Hornig Priest, Heinz Bonfadelli, and Maria Rusanen

News coverage of biotechnology debates, Susanna Hornig Priest and Toby Ten Eyck

An Institutional approach to river basin management: Conflict resolution in the U.S. and South Korea, William J. Smith

The Cleanhouse approach to enhancing public participation in watershed management utilizing GIS and Internet, William J. Smith


A System dynamics model to facilitate public understanding of water management options in Las Vegas, Nevada, Krystyna Anne Stave

A Model to understand population decline of the Devil's Hole Pupfish (Cyprinodon diabolis) and support habitat management decisions, Krystyna Anne Stave and Y. Graves

Second annual report covering the period January 2002 - December 2002: Water quality monitoring and public outreach at the Nature Preserve in the Clark County Wetlands Park, Krystyna Anne Stave and James Pollard

Evaluating the effectiveness of simulation-based instruction about water resources in the middle school science classroom, Krystyna Anne Stave, L. Upham, Stephanie Fincher, and Kimberly A. Barchard

Surface statistics of the Saharan Ergs observed in the σo azimuth modulation, Haroon Stephen and David G. Long

Regulating the Environment: Economic Development and the States, Christopher Stream

Governmental Uncertainty and Leadership Turnover: Influences Upon Contracting and Sector Choice for Local Services, Christopher Stream, James Clingermayer, and Richard Feiock

Submissions from 2002

Jocassee Gorges ecosystem classification project continues, Scott R. Abella


Spatial and temporal patterns of eastern white pine regeneration in the northwestern Ohio oak stand, Scott R. Abella and Neil W. MacDonald


Bonytail (Gila elegans) may enhance survival of Razorback Suckers (Xyrauchen texanus) in rearing ponds by preying on exotic crayfish, Nathan Lenon, Krystyna Anne Stave, Tom Burke, and James E. Deacon

Local control and school finance reform litigation: Can taxpayers choose to spend more or less?, Anna Lukemeyer

Estimating the cost of adequacy: A comparison of approaches, Anna Lukemeyer and William D. Duncombe

Hidden differences — Biotechnology in food and agriculture, Susanna Hornig Priest

Putting communications research and evaluation into practice, Susanna Hornig Priest


Using system dynamics to improve public participation in environmental decisions, Krystyna Anne Stave

A Model to support stakeholders evaluation of transportation policy options in Las Vegas, Nevada, Krystyna Anne Stave and Richard E. Little

First annual report, covering the period October 2000 - December 2001: Water quality monitoring and public outreach at the Nature Preserve in the Clark County Wetlands Park, Krystyna Anne Stave and James Pollard

Azimuth modulation of backscatter from SeaWinds and ERS scatterometers over the Saharo-Arabian Deserts, Haroon Stephen and David G. Long

Multi-spectral analysis of the Amazon Basin using SeaWinds, ERS, Seasat scatterometers, TRMM-PR and SSM/I, Haroon Stephen and David G. Long

Submissions from 2001

Effectiveness of Different Management Strategies for Controlling Spotted Knapweed in Remnant and Restored Prairies, Scott R. Abella

Restoring Historic Plant Communities in the Oak Openings Region of Northwest Ohio, Scott R. Abella, John F. Jaeger, Denise H. Gehring, Robert G. Jacksy, Karen S. Menard, and Kim A. High

Anchoring Legislative Careers, E. Lee Bernick

After the Veto: North Carolina Legislators' Perceptions of Executive-Legislative Relations, E. Lee Bernick and Ethan M. Bernick


The Practice of Leadership: The Life and Times of Joshua L. Chamberlain, Patrick W. Carlton

Mandates and Funding: The Divorce of Implementation from Policy, M. Ernita Joaquin

Education finance equity: Judicial treatment of key issues and impact of that treatment on reform -- An overview, Anna Lukemeyer

Poor children in poor schools: Can reform litigation provide the resources they need?, Anna Lukemeyer

Cloning: A study in news production, Susanna Hornig Priest

Misplaced faith: Communication variables as predictors of encouragement for biotechnology development, Susanna Hornig Priest


Dynamics of wetland development and resource management in Las Vegas Wash, Nevada, Krystyna Anne Stave

Final report: A systems analysis of the Las Vegas Valley water system, Krystyna Anne Stave

Final technical report on new investigator award: Assessing environmental change in the Las Vegas Valley, NV, from 1972 to 1998, Krystyna Anne Stave


RTC3 Transportation Model version 1.0 created in support of the Regional Transportation Commission Community Coalition, Krystyna Anne Stave

Final report and environmental education training manual: Boulder City Wetland Park water quality monitoring and public outreach program, Krystyna Anne Stave and Patti Aaron

Evaluating the potential of system dynamics modeling for improving public participation in water resource management, Krystyna Anne Stave and Sarah Cloud

Preliminary development toward a web-based learning environment to broaden the audience for systems learning about water management in Las Vegas, Nevada, Krystyna Anne Stave and Richard E. Little

Context and characterization of an arid, urban, mutli-use wetland system in Las Vegas, NV, Krystyna Anne Stave, James Pollard, B. Sillitoe, and S. Muth

A System dynamics model for wetland education and public outreach in an arid urban environment, Krystyna Anne Stave and Anne Rothweiler

Environmental Protection versus Economic Development: A False Trade-Off?, Christopher Stream and Richard Feiock

Political Conflict, Fiscal Stress, and Administrative Turnover in American Cities, Christopher Stream, Richard Feiock, James Clingermayer, Barbara Coyle McCabe, and Shamima Ahmed

Submissions from 2000

Harroun Park: Hidden gem of Sylvania, Scott R. Abella

Intense Burns May Reduce Spotted Knapweed Germination, Scott R. Abella