Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Public Policy and Leadership faculty. This department was founded in 2016, and replaces the School of Environmental & Public Affairs.


Submissions from 2000

Jocassee ecosystem diversity to be researched, Scott R. Abella

Metroparks restore habitat with controlled fire, Scott R. Abella

Nature's datebook: Seasonal highlights to search for in your metroparks, Scott R. Abella

Residents landscape with native plants, Scott R. Abella

Year-round school schedules and residential property values, Terrence Mike Clauretie and Helen R. Neill

Monitoring plan for the Nature Center at the Clark County Wetlands Park, W. Kinney, James Pollard, and Krystyna Anne Stave


Target marketing can help attract city residents, Robert E. Lang, James W. Hughes, and Karen A. Danielsen

Expensive children in poor families: Out-of-pocket expenditures for the care of disabled and chronically ill children in welfare families, Anna Lukemeyer, Marcia K. Meyers, and Timothy M. Smeeding

Transportation of transuranic nuclear waste to WIPP: A reconsideration of truck versus rail for two sites, Helen R. Neill and Robert H. Neill

U.S. public opinion divided over biotechnology?, Susanna Hornig Priest

Seeds of discontent: Expert opinion, mass media messages, and the public image of agricultural biotechnology, Susanna Hornig Priest and Allen W. Gillespie

The Relationship between politics and public drinking water in the District of Columbia, William J. Smith

Stakeholder analysis for environmental problem solving, Krystyna Anne Stave

Boulder City Wetland Park water quality monitoring program annual report, June 1999 - May 2000, Krystyna Anne Stave and Patti Aaron

The Las Vegas Wash: A changing urban commons in a changing urban context, Krystyna Anne Stave and Leslie R. Armijo

Using system dynamics models to facilitate stakeholder interaction in water resources management, Krystyna Anne Stave and Sarah Cloud

Landscape and water quality change in the Las Vegas Valley, NV, between 1972 and 1998, Krystyna Anne Stave and K. Lederle

Study of iceberg B10A using scatterometer data, Haroon Stephen and David G. Long

Vegetation study of Amazon using QSCAT in comparison with SASS, ESCAT and NSCAT, Haroon Stephen, David G. Long, and Perry J. Hardin

Diversity by the Numbers: Changes in State and Local Government Workforces 1980-1995, Christopher Stream and Barbara Coyle McCabe

Understanding urban commuters: How are non-SOV commuters different from SOV commuters?, Edward P. Weber, David Nice, and Nicholas Lovrich

Submissions from 1998

The Case for Higher Density Housing: A Key to Smart Growth?, Karen A. Danielsen and Robert Lang

The Cost of caring: Public and private costs of childhood disabilities in poor families, Anna Lukemeyer, Marcia K. Meyers, and Timothy M. Smeeding

The Rise of gateway states, William J. Smith

Water, land, and people: The social ecology of conflict over New York City’s watershed protection efforts in the Catskill Mountain Region, NY, Krystyna Anne Stave

Comparison of NOAA AVHRR and ERS wind scatterometer data for vegetation signatures, Haroon Stephen, R. L. G. Schumann, V. Wismann, K. Honda, and K. Nualchawee

Explaining the Tenure of Local Government Managers, Christopher Stream and Richard Feiock

Submissions from 1997


Effect of foreclosure status on residential selling price: Comment, Thomas M. Carroll, Terrence M. Clauretie, and Helen R. Neill

Gated communities in America: Walling out the world?, Karen A. Danielsen and Robert E. Lang

Targeting the suburban urbanites: Marketing central city housing, Karen A. Danielsen, Robert E. Lang, and James W. Hughes

The Courts and school finance reform: What influences court decisions?, Anna Lukemeyer

Assessment of scatterometer data for environmental studies in Thar Desert, Haroon Stephen, R. L. G. Schumann, K. Honda, and K. Nualchawee

The picture of health? Message standardization and recall of televised AIDS public service announcements, T. N. Walters, Lynne M. Walters, Marilyn Kern-Foxworth, and Susanna Hornig Priest

Submissions from 1995


Using GIS to identify critical areas for water quality protection in New York City's water supply system, Paul K. Barten and Krystyna Anne Stave


Race and Race-Of-Institution Effects on Mailed Questionnaire Response, E. Lee Bernick

A Behavior Based Evaluation Instrument for Judges, E. Lee Bernick and David J. Pratto


Impact of HUD foreclosures on housing prices, Thomas Mike Carroll, Terrence M. Clauretie, Helen R. Neill, and Cindy Jorgensen

No easy walk: Newark, 1980-1993, Karen A. Danielsen

Operation cul-de-sac: Behind the walls of fortress suburbia, Karen A. Danielsen and Robert E. Lang

Science content and social context, William Evans and Susanna Hornig Priest

Towards a Learning Approach in Local Government Capability Building, M. Ernita Joaquin

Criminal prosecution of women who use cocaine during pregnancy, Anna Lukemeyer

Work, welfare, and the burden of disability: Caring for special needs children in poor families, Anna Lukemeyer, Timothy M. Smeeding, and Marcia K. Meyers

The Context for substitutes in CVM studies, Helen R. Neill

Equity, public understanding of science, and the biotechnology debate, Susanna Hornig Priest

Resource conflict in New York City's Catskill Watersheds: A case for expanding the scope of water resource management, Krystyna Anne Stave


Resource use conflict in New York City's Catskill watersheds: A case for expanding the scope of water resource management, Krystyna Anne Stave

Florida MediPass Evaluation Technical Report, Christopher Stream, Charles Barrilleaux, and Susan Phillips

Submissions from 1992

Benefit transfer analysis: Conceptual and empirical issues, David Brookshire and Helen R. Neill

Framing risk: Audience and reader factors, Susanna Hornig Priest

Gender differences in responses to news about science and technology, Susanna Hornig Priest

Submissions from 1990

Science stories: Risk, power, and perceived emphasis, Susanna Hornig Priest

Television's 'Nova' and the construction of scientific truth, Susanna Hornig Priest