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Visualization using advanced computational and graphic equipment has become a standard way of present day research. Availability of low cost and fast processing units, high resolution displays with graphic processing units, and specialized software has brought complex visualization capabilities to an office desktop. Nevertheless, when dealing with large datasets such as, global climate, geospatial, and social data the office desktop falls short and calls for a centralized visualization facility with high end computing and graphics equipment.

Visualization Facility at GIS and Remote Sensing Core Lab would be a useful and important addition to the UNLV IT infrastructure. It would provide multiple audio and video facilities for facilitating research, decision support, and collaboration. The video system would consist of a wide screen display capable to 3D and picture in picture visualization; and a tiled display wall. The audio system would consist of microphones and speakers. The backend management system will provide capability to route data from multiple sources to the video and audio systems. The sources would include local sources as well as remote sources from video teleconferencing.

UNLV Visualization Facility would provide an integration of visualization tools and expertise to provide researchers, decision makers, and policy makers with turn-key solutions to everyday visualization needs. This facility would be to provide the UNLV researchers ability to visualize concepts and data on a multi-screen/multi-projection system with the option to interactively study behaviors of models, data, and systems.


Computation laboratories; Computer graphics; Speeches; addresses; etc; Visual aids; Visual communication in science


Databases and Information Systems | Data Storage Systems | Digital Communications and Networking | Other Computer Sciences



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