Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Life Sciences faculty


Submissions from 2008

Vegetation of Grassy Remnants in the Las Vegas Valley, Southern Nevada, Scott R. Abella and Jill E. Craig


Plant community response to fire: A chronosequence study, Scott R. Abella and E. Cayenne Engel


Changes in gambel oak densities in southwestern ponderosa pine forests since Euro-American settlement, Scott R. Abella and Peter Z. Fule


Fire effects on gambel oak in southwestern ponderosa pine-oak forests, Scott R. Abella and Peter Z. Fule


Estimating soil seed bank characteristics in Ponderosa Pine Forests using vegetation and forest-floor data, Scott R. Abella and Judith D. Springer


Geomicrobiological Changes in Two Ephemeral Desert Playa Lakes in the Western United States, Kyle C. Costa, Joy Hallmark, Jason B. Navarro, Brian P. Hedlund, Duane P. Moser, Stephanie LaBahn, and Debbie Soukup


A korarchaeal genome reveals insights into the evolution of archaea, J. G. Elkins, V. Kunin, Iain Anderson, K. Barry, E. Goltsman, A. Lapidus, Brian P. Hedlund, P. Hugenholtz, N. Kyrpides, D. Graham, M. Keller, G. Wanner, P. Richardson, and Karl O. Stetter

Viral infection and human disease--insights from minimotifs., Krishna Kadaveru, Jay Vyas, and Martin R. Schiller


Autonomous functions for the Sec14p/spectrin-repeat region of Kalirin, Martin R. Schiller, Francesco Ferraro, Yanping Wang, Xin-ming Ma, Clifton E. McPherson, Jacqueline A. Sobota, Noraisha I. Schiller, Richard E. Mains, and Betty A. Eipper


Consequences of more extreme precipitation regimes for terrestrial ecosystems, S. D. Smith, C. Beier, Aimee T. Classen, Melinda D. Smith, Jana L. Heisler, S. W. Leavitt, Alan K. Knapp, D. Briske, Y. Luo, M. Reichstein, J. E. Bell, Philip A. Fay, R. Sherry, and Benjamin Smith


Global occurrence and biogeography of putative archaeal amoA genes in terrestrial hot springs, Chaunlun L. Zhang, Qi Ye, Zhiyong Huang, W-J. Li, J. Chen, Z. Song, W. Zhao, C. Bagwell, W. P. Inskeep, L. Gao, Juergen Wiegel, C. Romanek, and Brian P. Hedlund

Submissions from 2007

Propagation protocol for vegetative production of container Sphaeralcea ambigua Gray plants (1 gallon container), Scott R. Abella


Forest-floor treatments in Arizona ponderosa pine restoration ecosystems: No short-term effects on plant communities, Scott R. Abella and W. Wallace Covington


Past, present, and future old growth in frequent-fire Conifer Forests of the Western United States, Scott R. Abella, W. Wallace Covington, Peter Z. Fule, Leigh B. Lentile, Andrew J. Sanchez Meador, and Penelope Morgan

Public Land Acquisition and Ecological Restoration: An Example from Northwest Ohio's Oak Openings Region, Scott R. Abella, John F. Jaeger, and Timothy A. Schetter

Plant Succession in the Eastern Mojave Desert: An Example from Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Southern Nevada, Scott R. Abella, Alice C. Newton, and Dianne N. Bangle

Seed Banks of an Arizona Pinus Ponderosa Landscape: Responses to Environmental Gradients and Fire Cues, Scott R. Abella, Judith D. Springer, and W. Wallace Covington

Estimating Organic Carbon from Loss-On-Ignition in Northern Arizona Forest Soils, Scott R. Abella and Brian W. Zimmer

Dynamics of cover, UV-protective pigments, and quantum yield in biological soil crust communities of an undisturbed Mojave Desert shrubland, J. Belnap, S. L. Phillips, and S. D. Smith


Molecular phylogeny of uncultivated Crenarchaeota in Great Basin hot springs of moderately elevated temperature, Zhiyong Huang, Brian P. Hedlund, Juergen Wiegel, Jizhong Zhou, and Chuanlun L. Zhang

Abiotic and Biotic Factors Explain Independent Gradients of Plant Community Composition in Ponderosa Pine Forests, Daniel C. Laughlin and Scott R. Abella


Species richness and soil properties in Pinus ponderosa forests: A structural equation modeling analysis, Daniel C. Laughlin, Scott R. Abella, W. Wallace Covington, and James B. Grace

Mid-spring burning reduces Spotted Knapweed and increases native grasses during a Michigan experimental grassland establishment, Neil W. MacDonald, Brian T. Scull, and Scott R. Abella


High-Throughput Phosphotyrosine Profiling Using SH2 Domains, Kazuya Machida, Christopher M. Thompson, Kevin Dierck, Kar Jablonowski, Satu Karkkainen, Bernard Liu, Haimin Zhang, Piers D. Nash, Debra K. Newman, Peter Nollau, Tony Pawson, G. Herma Renkema, Kalle Saksela, Martin R. Schiller, Dong-Guk Shin, and Bruce J. Mayer


Minimotif Miner: A Computational Tool to Investigate Protein Function, Disease, and Genetic Diversity, Martin R. Schiller

Linking plant invasions to global environmental change, M. Vila, J. D. Corbin, J. S. Dukes, J. Pino, and S. D. Smith


RESP18, a homolog of the luminal domain IA-2, is found in dense core vesicles in pancreatic islet cells and is induced by high glucose, Guofeng Zhang, Hiroki Hirai, Tao Cai, Ping Yu, Hanxia Huang, Martin R. Schiller, William D. Swaim, Richard D. Leapman, and Abner L. Notkins

Submissions from 2006


Effects of smoke and fire-related cues on Panstemon barbatus seeds, Scott R. Abella

Forest Ecosystems of an Arizona Pinus Ponderosa Landscape: Multifactor Classification and Implications for Ecological Restoration, Scott R. Abella and W. Wallace Covington

Vegetation-Environment Relationships and Ecological Species Groups of an Arizona Pinus Ponderosa Landscape, USA, Scott R. Abella and W. Wallace Covington

Diameter Caps for Thinning Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests: Viewpoints, Effects, and Tradeoffs, Scott R. Abella, Peter Z. Fule, and W. Wallace Covington


Canopy-tree influences along a soil parent material gradient in Pinus-ponderosa-Quercus gambelii forests, northern Arizona, Scott R. Abella and Judith D. Springer


Minimotif Miner, a tool for investigating protein function, Sudha Balla, Vishal Thapar, Snigdha Verma, ThaiBinh Luong, Tanaz Faghri, Chun-Hsi Huang, Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, Jacob J. del Campo, Jessica H. Shinn, William A. Mohler, Mark W. Maciejewski, Michael R. Gryk, Bryan Piccirillo, Stanley R. Schiller, and Martin R. Schiller

Enhanced monsoon precipitation and nitrogen deposition affect leaf traits and photosynthesis differently in spring and summer in the desert shrub Larrea tridentata, D. H. Barker, Cheryl H. Vanier, Elke Naumburg, Therese N. Charlet, K. M. Nielsen, B. A. Newingham, and S. D. Smith


The genera Simonsiella and Alysiella, Brian P. Hedlund and D. A. Kuhn


Isolation and characterization of Pseudoalteromonas strains with divergent polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon catabolic properties, Brian P. Hedlund and James T. Staley

Increases in desert shrub productivity under elevated carbon dioxide vary with water availability, David C. Housman, Elke Naumburg, Travis E. Huxman, Therese N. Charlet, Robert S. Nowak, and S. D. Smith


Coupling receptor tyrosine kinases to Rho GTPases--GEFs what's the link, Martin R. Schiller


Regulation of RhoGEF activity by intramolecular and intermolecular SH3 interactions, Martin R. Schiller, Kausik Chakrabarti, Glenn F. King, Noraisha I. Schiller, Betty A. Eipper, and Mark W. Maciejewski

Submissions from 2005

Smoke-cued germination of forest understory species, Scott R. Abella

Evidence of drought-induced stress on biotic crust moss in the Mojave Desert, D. H. Barker, Lloyd R. Stark, Jeff F. Zimpfer, Nicholas N. McLetchie, and S. D. Smith


Monitoring temporal change in riparian vegetation of Great Basin National Park, E. A. Beever, D. A. Pyke, J. C. Chambers, F. Landau, S. D. Smith, and K. Murray


A critical role for Kalirin in NGF signaling through TrkA, Kausik Chakrabarti, Rong Lin, Noraisha I. Schiller, Yanping Wang, David Koubi, Ying-Xin Fan, Brian B. Rudkin, Gibbes R. Johnson, and Martin R. Schiller

Genus V. Neptunomonas, Brian P. Hedlund

Genus XI. Simonsiella, Brian P. Hedlund and Tone Tonjum

Net ecosystem CO2 exchange in Mojave Desert shrublands during the eighth year of exposure to elevated CO2, Richard L. Jasoni, S. D. Smith, and John A. Arnone III


High-performance exact algorithms for motif search, Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, Sudha Balla, Chun-Hsi Huang, Vishal Thapar, Michael R. Gryk, Mark W. Maciejewski, and Martin R. Schiller


Induction of lamellipodia by Kalirin does not require its guanine nucleotide exchange factor activity, Martin R. Schiller, Anne Blangy, Jianping Huang, Richard E. Mains, and Betty A. Eipper

A novel kingdom of parasitic archaea, Karl O. Stetter, Michael J. Hohn, Harald Huber, Reinhard Rachel, Eric Mathur, Brian P. Hedlund, and Ulrike Jahn

Submissions from 2004

Researching soil and vegetation gradients in northern Arizona ponderosa pine forests, Scott R. Abella


Tree thinning and prescribed burning effects on ground flora in Arizona ponderosa pine forests: A review, Scott R. Abella

Monitoring an Arizona Ponderosa Pine Restoration: Sampling Efficiency and Multivariate Analysis of Understory Vegetation, Scott R. Abella and W. Wallace Covington

Slope Correction of Plot Dimensions for Vegetation Sampling in Mountainous Terrain, Scott R. Abella, Lawrence R. Gering, and Victor B. Shelburne


Ecology of Eastern prickly pear cactus (Opuntia humifusa) in Oak Openings Preserve, northwestern Ohio, Scott R. Abella and John F. Jaeger


Fifteen years of plant community dynamics during a northwest Ohio oak savanna restoration, Scott R. Abella, John F. Jaeger, and Lawrence G. Brewer


Ecological species groups of South Carolina's Jocassee Gorges, southern Appalachian Mountains, Scott R. Abella and Victor B. shelburne

Photosynthesis, carboxylation and leaf nitrogen responses of 16 species to elevated pCO2 across four free-air CO2 enrichment experiments in forest, grassland and desert, David S. Ellsworth, Peter B. Reich, Elke Naumburg, George W. Koch, Mark E. Kubiske, and S. D. Smith


Analysis and comparison of the microbial community structures of two enrichment cultures capable of reductively dechlorinatint TCE and cis-DCE, April Z. Gu, Brian P. Hedlund, James T. Staley, Stuart E. Strand, and David Stensel

Carbon isotope discrimination and foliar nutrient status of Larrea tridentata (creosote bush) in contrasting Mojave Desert soils, Erik P. Hamerlynck, Travis E. Huxman, Joseph R. McAuliffe, and S. D. Smith


Microbial Endemism and Biogeography, Brian P. Hedlund and James T. Staley

Convergence across biomes to a common rain-use efficiency, Travis E. Huxman, Melinda D. Smith, Philip A. Fay, Alan K. Knapp, M. Rebecca Shaw, Michael E. Loik, S. D. Smith, D. T. Tissue, J. C. Zak, J. F. Weltzin, W. T. Pockman, O. E. Sala, B. Haddad, J. Harte, George W. Koch, S. Schwinning, E. A. Small, and D. G. Williams

CO2 enrichment reduces the energetic cost of biomass construction in an invasive desert grass, J. M. Nagel, K. L. Griffin, Travis E. Huxman, and S. D. Smith

Photosynthetic responses of Larrea tridentata to seasonal temperature extremes under elevated CO2, Elke Naumburg, Michael E. Loik, and S. D. Smith

Functional responses of plants to elevated atmospheric CO2– do photosynthetic and productivity data from FACE experiments support early predictions?, Robert S. Nowak, David S. Ellsworth, and S. D. Smith

Elevated atmospheric CO2 does not conserve soil water in the Mojave Desert, Robert S. Nowak, Stephen F. Zitzer, Derek Babcock, Vickie Smith-Longozo, Therese N. Charlet, James S. Coleman, Jeffrey R. Seemann, and S. D. Smith


Diversity and distribution of Frankia strains symbiotic with Ceanothus in California, B. Oakley, M. North, J. F. Franklin, Brian P. Hedlund, and James T. Staley

Changing the way we think about global change research: Scaling up in experimental ecosystem science, B. Osmond, G. Ananyev, J. Berry, C. Langdon, Z. Kolber, G. Lin, R. Monson, C. Nichol, U. Rascher, U. Schurr, S. D. Smith, and D. Yakir

Phylogeography and diversification, Brett R. Riddle and V Funk

Leaf to landscape, S. D. Smith, Elke Naumburg, ULo Niinemets, and Matthew J. Germino


Age and sex-specific rates of leaf regeneration in the Mojave Desert moss Syntrichia caninervis, Lloyd Stark, L. Nichols, Nicholas N. McLetchie, S. D. Smith, and C. Zundel

Submissions from 2003

Ecosystem modeling in Jocassee Gorges will help with future management, Scott R. Abella


Quantifying ecosystem geomorphology of the southern Appalachian Mountains, Scott R. Abella

Eastern White Pine Establishment in the Oak Landscape of the Ellicott Rock Wilderness, Southern Appalachian Mountains, Scott R. Abella and Victor B. Shelburne

Multifactor Classification of Forest Landscape Ecosystems of Jocassee Gorges, Southern Appalachian Mountains, South Carolina, Scott R. Abella, Victor B. Shelburne, and Neil W. MacDonald

Functional ecology of shrub seedlings after a natural recruitment event at the Nevada Desert FACE Facility, David C. Housman, Stephen F. Zitzer, Travis E. Huxman, and S. D. Smith

Photosynthetic responses of Mojave Desert shrubs to free air CO2 enrichment are greatest during wet years, Elke Naumburg, David C. Housman, Travis E. Huxman, Therese N. Charlet, Michael E. Loik, and S. D. Smith


Rapid Induction of Dendritic Spine Morphogenesis by trans-Synaptic EphrinB-EphB Receptor Activation of the Rho-GEF Kalirin, Peter Penzes, Alexander Beeser, Jonathan Chernoff, Martin R. Schiller, Betty A. Eipper, Richard E. Mains, and Richard L. Huganir


On the relationship between stomatal characters and atmospheric CO2, C. D. Reid, H. Maherali, H. B. Johnson, S. D. Smith, S. D. Wullschleger, and R. B. Jackson

Assessing the response of terrestrial ecosystems to potential changes in precipitation, J. Weltzin, Michael E. Loik, S. Schwinning, D. Williams, Philip A. Fay, B. Haddad, J. Harte, Travis E. Huxman, Alan K. Knapp, G. Lin, W. Pockman, R. Shaw, E. Small, Melinda D. Smith, S. D. Smith, D. Tissue, and J. Zak

Submissions from 2002

Jocassee Gorges ecosystem classification project continues, Scott R. Abella


Spatial and temporal patterns of eastern white pine regeneration in the northwestern Ohio oak stand, Scott R. Abella and Neil W. MacDonald

Nocturnally retained zeaxanthin does not remain engaged in a state primed for energy dissipation during the summer in two Yucca species growing in the Mojave Desert, D. H. Barker, William W. Adams III, Barbara Demmig-Adams, Barry A. Logan, Amy S. Verhoeven, and S. D. Smith

Alterations of nitrogen dynamics under elevated carbon dioxide in an intact Mojave Desert ecosystem: Evidence from nitrogen-15 natural abundance, Sharon A. Billings, S. M. Schaeffer, Stephen F. Zitzer, Therese N. Charlet, and S. D. Smith

Root channel macropores enhance downward movement of water in a Mojave Desert ecosystem, Dale A. Devitt and S. D. Smith

Effects of elevated CO2 (FACE) on the functional ecology of the drought-deciduous Mojave Desert shrub, Lycium andersonii, Erik P. Hamerlynck, Travis E. Huxman, Therese N. Charlet, and S. D. Smith

Ecological responses of two Mojave Desert shrubs to soil horizon development and soil water dynamics, Erik P. Hamerlynck, Joseph R. McAuliffe, Eric V. McDonald, and S. D. Smith


Phylogeny of the genus Simonsiella and other members of the Neisseriaceae, Brian P. Hedlund and James T. Staley


Detection of 16S rDNA sequences representing the novel phylum “Nanoarchaeota”: indication for a world-wide distribution in high temperature biotopes, Michael J. Hohn, Brian P. Hedlund, and Harald Huber


Genes for the cytoskeletal protein tubulin in the bacterial genus Prosthecobacter, Cheryl Jenkins, Ram Samudrala, Iain Anderson, Brian P. Hedlund, Giulio Petroni, Natasha Michailova, Nicolas Pinel, Ross Overbeek, Giovanna Rosati, and James T. Staley


Kalirin Dbl-Homology Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor 1 Domain Initiates New Axon Outgrowths via RhoG-Mediated Mechanisms, Victor May, Martin R. Schiller, Betty A. Eipper, and Richard E. Mains


Remarkable morphological diversity of viruses and virus-like particles in hot terrestrial environments, R. Rachel, M. Bettstetter, Brian P. Hedlund, M. Haring, A. Kessler, Karl O. Stetter, and D. Prangishvili

Soil resource heterogeneity in the Mojave Desert, J. H. Titus, Robert S. Nowak, and S. D. Smith


Arbuscular mycorrhizae of Mojave Desert plants, J. H. Titus, P. J. Titus, R. S. Nowak, and S. D. Smith

Submissions from 2001

Effectiveness of Different Management Strategies for Controlling Spotted Knapweed in Remnant and Restored Prairies, Scott R. Abella

Restoring Historic Plant Communities in the Oak Openings Region of Northwest Ohio, Scott R. Abella, John F. Jaeger, Denise H. Gehring, Robert G. Jacksy, Karen S. Menard, and Kim A. High


Marinobacter strain NCE312 has a Pseudomonas-like naphthalene dioxygenase, Brian P. Hedlund, Allison D. Geiselbrecht, and James T. Staley


Vibrio cyclotrophicus sp. nov., a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-degrading marine bacterium, Brian P. Hedlund and James T. Staley

The Effects of parental CO2 and offspring nutrient environment on initial growth and photosynthesis in an annual grass, Travis E. Huxman, Therese N. Charlet, C. Grant, and S. D. Smith

Photosynthesis in an invasive grass and native forb at elevated CO2 during an El Niño year in the Mojave Desert, Travis E. Huxman and S. D. Smith

Differential gene expression in a murine model of cancer cachexia, Constance L. Monitto, Dan Berkowitz, Kyoung Min Lee, Sokhon Pin, Daqing Li, Michael Breslow, Bert O’malley, and Martin R. Schiller