Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Life Sciences faculty


Submissions from 2001


Vibrio cyclotrophicus sp. nov., a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-degrading marine bacterium, Brian P. Hedlund and James T. Staley

The Effects of parental CO2 and offspring nutrient environment on initial growth and photosynthesis in an annual grass, Travis E. Huxman, Therese N. Charlet, C. Grant, and S. D. Smith

Photosynthesis in an invasive grass and native forb at elevated CO2 during an El Niño year in the Mojave Desert, Travis E. Huxman and S. D. Smith

Differential gene expression in a murine model of cancer cachexia, Constance L. Monitto, Dan Berkowitz, Kyoung Min Lee, Sokhon Pin, Daqing Li, Michael Breslow, Bert O’malley, and Martin R. Schiller

Leaf conductance decreased under free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) for three perennials in the Nevada desert, Robert S. Nowak, Lesley A. DeFalco, Carolyn S. Wilcox, Dean N. Jordan, James S. Coleman, S. D. Smith, and Jeffrey R. Seemann

Elevated atmospheric CO2 and deserts: Will increasing CO2 alter deserts and the desertification process?, S. D. Smith and Travis E. Huxman


Expression of multiple larger-sized transcripts for several genes in oligodendrogliomas; potential markers for glioma subtypes, Xueying Xu, Hong Dong Joh, Sukhon Pin, Noraisha I. Schiller, Christa Prange, Peter C. Burger, and Martin R. Schiller

Submissions from 2000

Harroun Park: Hidden gem of Sylvania, Scott R. Abella

Intense Burns May Reduce Spotted Knapweed Germination, Scott R. Abella

Jocassee ecosystem diversity to be researched, Scott R. Abella

Metroparks restore habitat with controlled fire, Scott R. Abella

Nature's datebook: Seasonal highlights to search for in your metroparks, Scott R. Abella

Residents landscape with native plants, Scott R. Abella

Ecological interactions in the biological control of saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) in the United States: Toward a new understanding, C. J. DeLoach, R. I. Carruthers, J. E. Lovich, T. L. Dudley, and S. D. Smith

Effects of extreme high temperature, drought and elevated CO2 on photosynthesis of the Mojave Desert evergreen shrub, Larrea tridentata, Erik P. Hamerlynck, Travis E. Huxman, Michael E. Loik, and S. D. Smith

Photosynthetic responses of Larrea tridentata to a step-increase in atmospheric CO2 at the Nevada Desert FACE Facility, Erik P. Hamerlynck, Travis E. Huxman, Robert S. Nowak, S. Redar, Michael E. Loik, Dean N. Jordan, Stephen F. Zitzer, James S. Coleman, Jeffrey R. Seemann, and S. D. Smith

Effects of surface and sub-surface soil horizons on the seasonal performance of Larrea tridentata (creosotebush), Erik P. Hamerlynck, Joseph R. McAuliffe, and S. D. Smith

Low temperature tolerance and cold acclimation for seedlings of three Mojave Desert Yucca species exposed to elevated CO2, Michael E. Loik, Travis E. Huxman, Erik P. Hamerlynck, and S. D. Smith

Humoral autoreactivity to an alternatively spliced variant of ICA512/IA-2 in Type I diabetes., Y. S. Park, E. Kawasaki, K. Kelemen, L. Yu, Martin R. Schiller, M. Rewers, M. Mizuta, G. S. Eisenbarth, and J. C. Hutton

Water use of two Mojave Desert shrubs under elevated CO2, Diane E. Pataki, Travis E. Huxman, Dean N. Jordan, Stephen F. Zitzer, James S. Coleman, S. D. Smith, Robert S. Nowak, and Jeffrey R. Seemann


Anaerobic naphthalene degradation by microbial pure cultures under nitrate-reducing conditions, Karl J. Rockne, Joanne C. Chee-Sanford, Robert A. Sanford, Brian P. Hedlund, James T. Staley, and Stuart E. Strand


Genes expressed in the mouse pituitary corticotrope AtT-20/D-16v tumor cell line, Martin R. Schiller

Elevated CO2 increases productivity and invasive species success in an arid ecosystem, S. D. Smith, Travis E. Huxman, Stephen F. Zitzer, Therese N. Charlet, David C. Housman, James S. Coleman, Lynn F. Fenstermaker, Jeffrey R. Seemann, and Robert S. Nowak


Comparative phylogenetic analyses of members of the order Planctomycetales and the division Verrucomicrobia: 23S rRNA gene sequence analysis supports the 16S rRNA gene sequence-derived phylogeny, Naomi L. Ward, Fred A. Rainey, Brian P. Hedlund, James T. Staley, Wolfgang Ludwig, and Erko Stackebrandt

Submissions from 1999


Molecular Genetic Alterations in Radiation-Induced Astrocytomas, Daniel J. Brat, C. David James, Anne E. Jedlicka, Denise C. Connolly, Ed Chang, Rudy J. Castellani, Mathias Schmid, Martin R. Schiller, Dennis A. Carson, and Peter C. Burger


Induction of integral membrane PAM expression in AtT-20 cells alters the storage and trafficking of POMC and PC1, Giuseppe D. Ciccotosto, Martin R. Schiller, Betty A. Eipper, and Richard E. Mains

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon degradation by a new marine bacterium, Neptunomonas naphthovorans gen. nov., sp. nov, Brian P. Hedlund, Allison D. Geiselbrecht, Timothy J. Bair, and James T. Staley

Root hydraulic conductivity of Larrea tridentata and Helianthus annuus under elevated CO2, K. A. Huxman, S. D. Smith, and D. S. Neuman

Reproductive allocation and seed production in Bromus madritensis ssp. rubens at elevated atmospheric CO2, Travis E. Huxman, Erik P. Hamerlynck, and S. D. Smith

Biotic, abiotic and performance aspects of the Nevada Desert Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) Facility, Dean N. Jordan, Stephen F. Zitzer, George R. Hendrey, Keith F. Lewin, John Nagy, Robert S. Nowak, S. D. Smith, James S. Coleman, and Jeffrey R. Seemann


Effect of atmospheric CO2 enrichment on root growth and carbohydrate allocation of Phaseolus spp., Katrina J. Salsman, Dean N. Jordan, S. D. Smith, and D. S. Neuman

Effects of elevated CO2 and temperature stress on ecosystem processes, S. D. Smith, Dean N. Jordan, and Erik P. Hamerlynck

Submissions from 1998


Bowen ratio estimates of evapotranspiration for stands on the Virgin River in Southern Nevada, Dale A. Devitt, A. Sala, S. D. Smith, J. Cleverly, L. K. Shaulis, and R. Hammett

Isolation of marine polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-degrading Cycloclasticus strains from the Gulf of Mexico and comparison of their PAH degradation ability with that of Puget Sound Cycloclasticus strains, Allison D. Geiselbrecht, Brian P. Hedlund, Mary A. Tichi, and James T. Staley

Prohormone thiol protease' (PTP) a novel cysteine protein for proenkephalin and prohormone processing" in Proteolytic and cellular mechanisms in prohormone and proprotein processing, Vivian Y. Hook, Yuan-Hsu Kang, Martin R. Schiller, Nikolaos Tezapsidis, Jane M. Johnston, and Ada Azaryan

The Effects of parental CO2 environment on seed quality and subsequent seedling performance in Bromus rubens, Travis E. Huxman, Erik P. Hamerlynck, Dean N. Jordan, Katrina J. Salsman, and S. D. Smith

Gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence responses of three south-western Yucca species to elevated CO2 and high temperature, Travis E. Huxman, Erik P. Hamerlynck, Michael E. Loik, and S. D. Smith

Photosynthetic down-regulation in Larrea tridentata exposed to elevated atmospheric CO2: Interaction with drought under glasshouse and field (FACE) exposure, Travis E. Huxman, Erik P. Hamerlynck, B. D. Moore, S. D. Smith, Dean N. Jordan, Stephen F. Zitzer, Robert S. Nowak, James S. Coleman, and Jeffrey R. Seemann

Water relations of riparian plants from warm desert regions, S. D. Smith, Dale A. Devitt, A. M. Sala, J. R. Cleverly, and D. E. Busch

Submissions from 1997

Invasive capacity of Tamarix ramosissima in a Mojave Desert floodplain: The role of drought, J. R. Cleverly, S. D. Smith, A. Sala, and Dale A. Devitt


Expression of RESP18 in peptidergic and catecholaminergic neurons., Daniel N. Darlington, Martin R. Schiller, Richard E. Mains, and Betty A. Eipper


The expression of regulated endocrine-specific protein of 18 kDa in peptidergic cells of rat peripheral endocrine tissues and in blood., Daniel N. Darlington, Martin R. Schiller, Richard E. Mains, and Betty A. Eipper

Plant water relations of Tamarix ramosissima in response to the imposition and alleviation of soil moisture stress, Dale A. Devitt, J. M. Piorkowski, S. D. Smith, J. R. Cleverly, and A. Sala

The Effect of applied water on the water use of saltcedar in a desert riparian environment, Dale A. Devitt, A. Sala, K. A. Mace, and S. D. Smith

Leaf carbon isotope ratios in three landscape species growing in an arid environment, Dale A. Devitt, S. D. Smith, and D. S. Neuman

Verrucomicrobia div. nov., a new division of the bacteria containing three new species of Prosthecobacter, Brian P. Hedlund, John J. Gosink, and James T. Staley


Immobilized Iron(III) Metal Affinity Chromatography for the Separation of Phosphorylated Macromolecules: Ligands and Applications, Leonard D. Holmes and Martin R. Schiller


High-level expression of the prohormones proenkephalin, pro-neuropeptide Y, proopiomelanocortin, and beta-protachykinin for in vitro prohormone processing., Vivian Y. Hook, Kim Moran, Rama Kannan, Andrea Kohn, Mark O. Lively, Anahit Azaryan, Martin R. Schiller, and Kurt Miller


A novel neuroendocrine intracellular signaling pathway., Martin R. Schiller, Richard E. Mains, and Betty A. Eipper


Physiological ecology of North American Desert Plants, S. D. Smith

Impacts of invasive plants on community and ecosystem properties, L. R. Walker and S. D. Smith

Submissions from 1995


Chromaffin Granule Aspartic Proteinase Processes Recombinant Proopiomelanocortin (POMC), Anahit V. Azaryan, Martin R. Schiller, and Vivian Y. Hook


Characteristics of the chromaffin granule aspartic proteinase involved in proenkephalin processing, Anahit V. Azaryan, Martin R. Schiller, Liane M. Mende-Mueller, and Vivian Y. Hook

Mechanisms associated with decline of woody species in riparian ecosystems of the southwestern U.S., D. E. Busch and S. D. Smith


A neuroendocrine-specific protein localized to the endoplasmic reticulum by distal degradation, Martin R. Schiller, Richard E. Mains, and Betty A. Eipper


"Prohormone thiol protease" (PTP) processing of recombinant proenkephalin., Martin R. Schiller, Liane M. Mende-Mueller, Kim Moran, Maxwell Meng, Kurt W. Miller, and Vivian Y. Hook

Soil-plant water relations in a Mojave Desert mixed shrub community: A comparison of three geomorphic surfaces, S. D. Smith, Connie Ann Herr, K. L. Leary, and J. M. Piorkowski


Structure of woody riparian vegetation in Great Basin National Park, S. D. Smith, K. J. Murray, F. H. Landau, and A. M. Sala

Submissions from 1993

Effects of fire on water and salinity relations of riparian woody taxa, D. E. Busch and S. D. Smith


Kinetic analysis of lactate dehydrogenase using integrated rate equations., Leonard D. Holmes, Martin R. Schiller, and Elizabeth A. Boeker

Reinheitsgebot and the Fifth Ingredient, Martin R. Schiller and Jim Busch

Submissions from 1991

Functional responses of riparian vegetation to streamflow diversion in the eastern Sierra Nevada, S. D. Smith, A. B. Wellington, J. L. Nachlinger, and C. A. Fox

Submissions from 1987

Photoinhibition of the CAM succulent Opuntia basilaris growing in Death Valley: Evidence from 77K fluorescence and quantum yield, W. W. Adams, S. D. Smith, and C. B. Osmond

Stress physiology and the distribution of plants, C. B. Osmond, M. B. Austin, J. A. Berry, W. D. Billings, J. S. Boyer, J. W.H. Dacey, P. S. Nobel, S. D. Smith, and W. E. Winner

Stem photosynthesis in a desert ephemeral, Eriogonum inflatum: Characterization of leaf and stem CO₂ fixation and H₂O vapor exchange under controlled conditions, C. B. Osmond, S. D. Smith, B. Gui-Ying, and T. D. Sharkey

Stem photosynthesis in a desert ephemeral, Eriogonum inflatum: Morphology, stomatal conductance and water-use efficiency in field populations, S. D. Smith and C. B. Osmond

Effects of CO2 enrichment on four Great Basin grasses, S. D. Smith, B. R. Strain, and T. D. Sharkey

Submissions from 1984

High-temperature responses of North American cacti, Stanley D. Smith, Brigitte Didden-Zopfy, and Park S. Nobel

Submissions from 1983

High and low temperature tolerances and their relationships to distribution of agaves, P. S. Nobel and S. D. Smith

Ecophysiology of Yucca brevifolia, an arborescent monocot of the Mojave Desert, S. D. Smith, T. L. Hartsock, and P. S. Nobel

Submissions from 1982

Seasonal water potential components of Sonoran Desert plants, R. K. Monson and S. D. Smith

Moisture stress effects on biomass partitioning in two Sonoran Desert annuals, S. R. Szarek, S. D. Smith, and R. D. Ryan

Submissions from 1978

Further studies on growth patterns in Yucca elata Engelm. (Liliaceae), S. D. Smith and J. A. Ludwig

The Distribution and phytosociology of Yucca elata in southern New Mexico, S. D. Smith and J. A. Ludwig

Submissions from 1976

Reproductive and vegetative growth patterns in Yucca elata Engelm. (Liliaceae), S. D. Smith and J. A. Ludwig