Concluding Commentary: Varied Perspectives on Child Welfare

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A fuller understanding of the child welfare system requires its examination from multiple perspectives, as is demonstrated in this special issue. Until recently, the perspectives of mothers involved in child protection and whose children had been placed in foster care had been particularly neglected. This special issue contributes to progress in the research literature in this regard. Questions are raised about the nature of the interactions between the mothers and the child protection system, and the compatibility of those interactions with effective service delivery. This commentary concludes with the suggestions that we seek better ways to structure the child welfare system, and that a social movement composed of parents involved in that system, children in foster care, caseworkers and administrators, and researchers, all united as allies, might be necessary to effect such change.


Child protection system; Child welfare; Child welfare services; Parents’ perspectives in child welfare


Social Work

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Pelton, L.H. (2011). Concluding commentary: Varied perspectives on child welfare. Children and Youth Services Review (Special Issue), 33(3), 481-485.

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