Gender, Emotional Labour, & Interactive Body Work: Negotiating Flesh and Fantasy in Sex Workers’ Labor Practices

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Body/Sex/Work focuses on the intimate, embodied and sexualised labour that occurs within body work and sex work. Bringing together an internationally renowned group of academics, it explores, empirically and theoretically, labour processes, workplace relations, regulation and resistance in some of the many work sites that make up the body work and sex work sectors. The book makes a key contribution to research recognising the embodiment of labour and the body, reframing the key questions in critical studies of work and employment.

Key Benefits:

• The first book that draws together the sub-disciplines of body work and sex work

• Written by leading international experts

• Contains cutting edge empirical research on contemporary topics

Body/Sex/Work is an ideal companion for upper level undergraduate and postgraduate students of labour and organisation studies, body studies, gender, and sexuality. It will also appeal to researchers and lecturers in these fields.


Academic writing; Labor; Prostitution; Research; Sex-oriented businesses; Women's studies


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Gender and Sexuality | Sociology | Women's Studies | Work, Economy and Organizations