The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013 is an international competition with the goal of educating the public about energy-saving residential designs. In this award-winning program, twenty collegiate teams need to design, build, and maintain sustainable solar-powered houses. This competition serves as an avenue for academic institutions and their respective teams to showcase their house designs that promote sustainability and conservation. This is a student-run project, with the guidance and support from faculty members, industry mentors and community supporters.

The UNLV Solar Decathlon team consists of students and faculty advisors from the departments of Architecture, Engineering, Graphic Design and Communications. As a student-run project, interdisciplinary team members get a first-hand experience in designing, planning, constructing, and maintaining a prototype house of the Mojave Desert.

This multi-year project began with planning and design in 2011, culminating with the competition in 2013.


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