Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine Faculty.


Submissions from 2019

IUD Choice in Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals, Lauren Abern, Glen de Guzman, Jake Cook, Kristen Kiely, and Karla Maguire

Follow-Up Trends After Emergency Department Discharge for Acutely Symptomatic Hernias: A Southwestern Surgical Congress Multi-Center Trial, Jillian L. Angelo, Amy H. Kaji, Lara H. Spence, David S. Plurad, Marlo Asis, Annabel Barber, Thomas J. Schroeppel, Emma C. Callaghan, Brandon T. Grover, Justin L. Regner, Michael Truitt, and Dennis Y. Kim

A 'Mass' Caused by Dust: Disseminated and Severe Coccidioidomycosis in an Immunocompetent Person, Elizabeth Au and Kush Modi

Mo1048 Pool Day Gone Wrong. A Case of Caustic Injury Caused by Hydrochloric Acid in Pool Cleaner, Hamza Aziz, Annie Hong, Ranjit S. Makar, Daisy S. Lankarani, Muthena Maklad, and Gordon Ohning

Analysis of the Stomal Microbiota of a Percutaneous Osseointegrated Prosthesis: A Longitudinal Prospective Cohort Study, James Peter Beck, Max Grogan, Brian T. Bennet, Sujee Jeyapalina, Jay Agarwal, Casey Bartow-McKenney, Julia Bugayev, Erik Kubiak, Sarina Sinclair, and Elizabeth Grice

The Optimal Size of Ovarian Follicles at Oocyte Collection, Carrie E. Bedient, L. A. Kaye, Ankita Raman, Forest C. Garner, M. Aguirre, and B. S. Shapiro

Visual Diagnosis: Teenager with Fever, Petechiae, Confusion, and Weakness, Senthil Velan Bhoopalan MD, PhD; Rupesh Kumar Natarajan MD; and David Di John

Copy Neutral Changes Identified by Single - Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Microarray Analysis during Prenatal Diagnosis, Bobby K. Brar, Stephanie Gutierrez, Pooja Patil, Shelley Mueller, and Bing Huang

Effect of Intrauterine Marijuana Exposure on Fetal Growth Patterns and Placental Vascular Resistance, Bobby K. Brar, Pooja S. Patil, David N. Jackson, Michael O. Gardner, James M. Alexander, and Nora M. Doyle

The People's College: A Review of Local Community College Governing Boards through the Lens of Descriptive Representation, Katheryn Brekken, E. Lee Bernick, Al Gourrier University of Baltimore, and Leander Kellogg

Awareness of Psychiatric Symptoms in a Mixed Clinical Sample of Older Adults, Hannah E. Brunet, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Sarah J. Banks, and Justin B. Miller

Pediatric Ethics Consultation: Practical Considerations for the Clinical Ethics Consultant, Caroline A. Buchanan PHD, HEC-C; Johan Bester MBChB, PhD, MPhil; Bethany Bruno; Clare Delany PhD, MHth&MedLaw, MPhysio, BAppSci; Kerri O. Kennedy MA, RN; Tracy Koogler MD; Nneka O. Sederstrom PhD, MPH, MA, FCCP, FCCM; Jessica A. Moore DHCE, MA; and Kathryn L. Weise MD, MA

A 24-Week Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study of the Efficacy and Safety of the AMPA Modulator S47445 in Patients with Mild to Moderate Alzheimer's Disease and Depressive Symptoms, Eileen M. Bulger, Sylvie Gouttefangeas, Sylvie Bretin, Stéphanie Galtier, Philippe Robert, Vjera Holthoff-Detto, Jeffrey Cummings, and Maria Pueyo

Proceedings from the Medical Summit on Firearm Injury Prevention: A Public Health Approach to Reduce Death and Disability in the US, Eileen M. Bulger, Deborah A. Kuhls, Brendan T. Campbell, Stephanie Bonne, Rebecca M. Cunningham, Marian Betz, Rochell Dicker, Megan L. Ranney, Chris Barsotti, Stephen Hargarten, Joseph V. Sakran, Fredrick P. Rivara, Thea James, Dorian Lamis, Gary Timmerman, Selwyn O. Roger, Bechara Choucair, and Ronald M. Stewart


Sex Moderates Amyloid and Apolipoprotein ε4 Effects on Default Mode Network Connectivity at Rest, Jessica Z.K. Caldwell, Xiaowei Zhuang, MacKenzie J. Leavitt, Sarah J. Banks, Jeffery Cummings, and Dietmar Cordes

Dietary Berries, Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes: An Overview of Human Feeding Trials, Aaron Calvano, Kenneth Izuora, Edwin C. Oh, Jeffrey L. Ebersole, Timothy J. Lyons, and Arpita Basu

Association of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors with Increased Mortality Among Patients with Isolated Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, John S. Catapano, Alistair J. Chapman, Matthew Dull, Joseph M. Abbatematteo, Lance P. Horner, Jakub Godzik, Scott Brigeman, Clinton D. Morgan, Alexander C. Whiting, Minggen Lu, Joseph M. Zabramski, and Douglas R. Fraser

National Analysis of Treatment Approaches, Margin Status, and Survival between Surgical Approaches in Hepatocellular Carcinoma at Academic Centers and Non-Academic Centers, Daniel Chang MD, MPH and Chad L. Cross

Patient-Specific Microglia Cellular Models for Schizophrenia Study, Jingchun Chen, Travis Mize, Xiaogang Wu, and Xiangning Chen

S79Rare Variant Analyses from Whole Genome Sequencing of 20 Chinese Schizophrenia Families, Jingchun Chen, Francisco Servin, Paul Kim, Kenny Do, Travis Mize, Jain-Shing Wu, Xia Wang, Mahtab Hamid, Kyler Smith, Marvi Moreno, Kendra Coleman, Emily Huang, Xiangning Chen, and Atoshi Banerjee


A Frameshift Variant in the CHST9 Gene Identified by Family-Based Whole Genome Sequencing Is Associated with Schizophrenia in Chinese Population, Jingchun Chen, Jain-Shing Wu, Travis Mize, Marvi Moreno, Mahtab Hamid, Francisco Servin, Bita Bashy, Zhongming Zhao, Peilin Jia, Ming T. Tsuang, Kenneth S. Kendler, Momiao Xiong, and Xiangning Chen

SA86 - Whole Genome Sequencing of Schizophrenia Families with Multiple Affected Individuals, Xiangning Chen, Jingchun Chen, Jain-Shin Wu, and Travis Mize

SU97 - Genetically Informed Subtyping of Schizophrenia, Xiangning Chen, Jain-Shin Wu, Travis Mize, and Jingchun Chen

A Second Primary and the Diagnostic Dilemma, Noah Cook


The “Rights” of Precision Drug Development for Alzheimer’s Disease, Jeffrey Cummings, Howard H. Feldman, and Philip Scheltens


Alzheimer's Disease Drug Development Pipeline: 2019, Jeffrey Cummings, Garam Lee, Aaron Ritter, Marwan Sabbagh, and Kate Zhong


Souvenaid in the Management of Mild Cognitive Impairment: An Expert Consensus Opinion, Jeffrey Cummings, Peter Passmore, Bernadette McGuinness, Vincent Mok, Christopher Chen, Sebastiaan Engelborghs, Michael Woodward, Sagrario Manzano, Guillermo Garcia-Ribas, Stefano Cappa, Paulo Bertolucci, and Leung-Wing Chu

Advances in Management of Neuropsychiatric Syndromes in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Jeffrey Cummings, Aaron Ritter, and Kasia Rothenberg

An Acute Application of Transcranial Random Noise Stimulation Does Not Enhance Motor Skill Acquisition or Retention in a Golf Putting Task, Lidio Lima de Albuquerque, Katherine M. Fischer, Aaron L. Pauls, Milan Pantovic, Mark A. Guadagnoli, Zachary A. Riley, and Brach Poston


Gigantic Stomach: A Rare Manifestation of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Amaninder Dhaliwal, Sarvani Madiraju, Banreet S. Dhindsa, Getaw W. Hassen, and Fedja A. Rochling

Fluconazole Non Susceptible Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis in a Critically Ill Patient Without Known Immunosuppression, Mohamed Eltayeb, Shadaba Asad, Arhama Malik, Yen Cao, Wen Y. Yu, and Annie Hong

Vascular Rings and Slings: Contemporary Observations, William N. Evans, Ruben J. Acherman, Michael L. Ciccolo, Dean Berthoty, Gary A. Mayman, and Humberto Restrepo

Clinical Spectrum of Previoudly Undiagnosed Pediatric Cardiac Disease, Jay D. Fisher MD, Robert J. Bechtel MD, Korrina N. Siddiqui, David G. Nelson MD, and Ahmad Nezam

Comparison of Residual Shunt Rate and Complications across 6 Different Closure Devices for Patent Foramen Ovale, Rubine Gevorgyan Fleming MD, Preetham Kumar MD, Brian West MD, Nabil Noureddin MD, Joshua Rusheen MS, Jamil Aboulhosn MD, and Jonathan M. Tobis MD


Pediatric Ingestion of Multiple Button Batteries, Johnny Fong MD and Tony Zitek


Enhancement of Viable Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Lipoaspirate by Buffering Tumescent with Sodium Bicarbonate, Ashish Francis MD, Wei Z. Wang MD, Joshua J. Goldman MD, Xin-Hua Fang MT, Shelley J. Williams MS, and Richard C. Baynosa MD; FACS

MR elastography based fibrosis correlates with clinical liver events in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A multi-center study, Ma Ai Thanda Han, Jonathan Grotts, Rola Saouaf, Nabil Noureddin, Walid Ayoub, Andrea Scott, Mary Barbara, Matthew Tjahja, Toluwalase Okubote, Zied Kayali, Edward Mena, Naim Alkhouri, and Mazen Noureddin

THU-311-Liver Enzymes Cut Offs in Patients with Advanced Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Multi-Center Study, Ma Ai Thanda Han, Rola Saouaf, Nabil Noureddin, Jonathan Grotts, Vinay Sundaram, Andrea Scott, Mahsa Mansouri, Mary Barbara, Matthew Tjahja, Emmanuel Thomas, Zeid Kayali, Edward Mena, Naim Alkhouri, and Mazen Noureddin

Autoimmune Hepatitis A Case Report and Literature Review, Annie S. Hong, Muuz Desta, Jenny M. Hong, Gordon V. Ohning, Michael H. Pillinger, Amit Saxena, and Dodji Modjinou

2434. Proton Pump Inhibitor Use on Efficacy of Fecal Microbiota Transplant Administered by Trans-Oral Routes for Clostridioides Difficile Infection: A Systematic Review and Analysis, Annie S. Hong MD, Wen Yuan Yu DO, Jenny M. Hong, Mohamed Azab MD, Gordon V. Ohning MD; PhD, and Mahendran Jayaraj MD

A Schizophrenia Associated CMYA5 Allele Displays Differential Binding with Desmin, Anting Hsiung, Francisco J. Naya, Xiangning Chen, and Rita Shiang

Cerebellar Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Enhances Motor Learning in a Complex Overhand Throwing Task, Austuny K. Jackson; Lidio Lima de Albuquerque; Milan Pantovic; Katherine M. Fischer; Mark A. Guadagnoli; Zachary A, Riley; and Brach Poston

Why Do We Deliver? A Closer Look at Indicated Deliveries Scheduled Less Than 39 Weeks [28T], David N. Jackson MD, Marsha Matsunaga Kirgan MD, Pooja Patil MD, Bobby Brar MD, Ashley Parr, and Anastasia Belilovets


Hot Snare vs. Cold Snare Polypectomy for Endoscopic Removal of 4-10mm Colorectal Polyps during Colonoscopy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Studies, Mahendran Jayaraj


Safety and Efficacy of Combined Antegrade and Retrograde Endoscopic Dilation for Complete Esophageal Obstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Mahendran Jayaraj, Babu P. Mohan, Harneet Mashiana, Rajesh Krishnamoorthi, and Douglas G. Adler

Mastoid Cavity Myiasis: A Case Report and Review of the Literature, Jacob Kahane, Caleena Longworth, Crystal Dickson, and Matthew Ng

Comparison of Nutritional Content of Prescription vs Nonprescription Prenatal Vitamins [23F], Rachel E. Kelly, Abebe H. Muraga, and David Leighton Howard

Case of Spontaneous Chylous Ascites in Alcoholic Liver Disease and Sepsis, Shahrukh Hussain Khan and Mutsumi Kioka

Use of Trendelenburg Position to Assist in Large Tracheal Clot Evacuation, Shahrukh Hussain Khan and Mutsumi Kioka

A Case of Scalp Abscesses in an Immunocompetent Neonate Caused by Morganella Morganii, Harris Khawaja, Rupesh Natarajan, and Rita Shah

Sa1469 ERCP with Overtube-Assisted Enteroscopy in Patients with Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Anatomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Rajesh Krishnamoorthi, Mahendran Jayaraj, Harshith Priyan, Nadav Sahar, Joanna K. Law, Michael C. Larsen, Shayan S. Irani, Richard A. Kozarek, and Andrew S. Ross

Risk of Progression in Barrett’s Esophagus Indefinite for Dysplasia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Rajesh Krishnamoorthi, Babu P. Mohan, Mahendran Jayaraj, Kenneth K. Wang, David A. Katzka, Andrew Ross, Douglas G. Adler, and Prasad G. Iyer

Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Screening Prevalence and Mortality Rates in Nevada: A Population Health Analysis of Behavioral Risk, Parvesh Kumar, Chad Cross, Karen Callahan, and Sheniz Moonie

Breast and Prostate Cancer Screening Disparities and Mortality Rates in Nevada as Compared to California and the United States, Parvesh Kumar, Chad Cross, and Sheniz Moonie


Permanent Junctional Reciprocating Tachycardia in Infants and Children, Ranjit I. Kylat MD and Ricardo A. Samson

Clinical Drug Development for Dementia with Lewy Bodies: Past and Present, Garam Lee, Jeffrey Cummings, Boris Decourt, James B. Leverenz, and Marwan N. Sabbagh

Trends in the Utilization of Life-Sustaining Procedures and Palliative Care Consultation Among Dying Patients with Advanced Chronic Pancreas Illnesses in US Hospitals: 2005 to 2014, Xibei Liu, Jay J. Shen, Pearl Kim, Sun Jung Kim, Johnson Ukken, Younseon Choi, In Choel Hwang, Jae-Hoon Lee, Sung-Youn Chun, Jinwook Hwang, Haneul Choi, Hyeyoung Yeom, Yong-Jae Lee, and Ji Won Yoo

When a Child Needs a Transplant but Lacks Familial Social Support, Hilary Mabel JD; Charlotte H. Harrison PhD, JD, MPH; Mahwish U. Ahmad MBBS, MPH; Elizabeth D. Blume MD; Gerard J. Boyle MBChB, PhD; Johan C. Bester MD; and John D. Lantos MD


Medical Student Mistreatment: Understanding 'Public Humiliation', Jesse D. Markman, Thomas M. Soeprono, Heidi L. Combs, and Ellen M. Cosgrove


Rethinking Intravenous Catheter Size and Location for Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography, Travis Marshall, Nae Meng Chen, Eric Nguyen, David E. Slattery, and Tony Zitek

Effect of Prehospital Tourniquets on Resuscitation in Extremity Arterial Trauma, Allison G. McNickle, Douglas R. Fraser, Paul J. Chestovich, Deborah A. Kuhls, and John J. Fildes


Lumen Apposing Metal Stents in Drainage of Pancreatic Walled-Off Necrosis, Are They Any Better Than Plastic Stents? a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Studies Published Since the Revised Atlanta Classification of Pancreatic Fluid Collections, Babu P. Mohan, Mahendran Jayaraj, Ravishankar Asokkumar, Mohammed Shakhatreh, Parul Pahal, Suresh Ponnada, Udayakumar Navaneethan, and Douglas G. Adler

Liquid Nitrogen Spray Cryotherapy in Treatment of Barrett's Esophagus, Where Do We Stand? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Babu P. Mohan, Rajesh Krishnamoorthi, Suresh Ponnada, Mohammed Shakhatreh, Mahendran Jayaraj, R. Garg, Joanna Law, Michael Larsen, Shayan Irani, Andrew Ross, and Douglas G. Adler

17β-Estradiol Alters Mrna Co-Expression After Murine Muscle Injury and Mild Hypobaria, Scott E. Moore, Joachim G. Voss, and Barbara St. Pierre Schneider

Cryostorage Failures: A Medicolegal Review, Christopher P. Moutos, Rana Lahham, and John Y. Phelps


Autoimmune Hepatitis in Patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, Mohamad Mubder, Mohamed Azab, Mahendran Jayaraj, Chad Cross, Daisy Lankarani, Banreet Dhindsa, Jen-Jung Pan, and Gordon Ohning

Essentials in Minimally Invasive Gynecology Manual Skill Pilot Validation Trial, Malcolm G. Munro MD, Amy N. Brown MD, Saba Saadat MD, Nadia Gomez MD; MBA, David Howard PhD, Bruce Kahn MD, Erica Stockwell DO; MBA, Arnold P. Advinvula MD, Warren Volker MD; PhD, and Kim Thayn PhD

The Impact of Shift Work on Diabetes Self-Management Activities, Daniel J. Navarro, Patricia T. Alpert, and Chad Cross

“New or Not-So-New” Labor Management Practices and Cesarean Delivery for Arrest of Progress, David B. Nelson, James M. Alexander, Donald D. McIntire, and Kenneth J. Leveno

Implementation of Submandibular Gland Transfer: A Multi‐institutional Study of Feasibility and Time to Treatment, John Pang MD, Harry H. Ching MD, Ryan H. Sobel MD, Ryan K. Orosco MD, Joseph A. Califano III MD, Robert C. Wang, Parag Sanghvi, and Charles S. Coffey MD

The Influence Of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation On Skill Acquisition In A Complex Motor Task, Milan Pantovic, Austin Pomerantz, Sierra Kreamer-Hope, Lidio L. Albuquerque, Matt C. Pettit, Michael Zurowski, Mark A. Guadagnoli, Zachary A. Riley, and Brach Poston


Possible Skull Base Erosion After Prolonged Frontal Sinus Stenting, Nathaniel H. Reeve MD, Harry H. Ching MD, Yuna Kim MD, and Walter W. Schroeder MD

Polymicrobial Empyema Presenting as Pseudochylothorax in a Patient with Bulimia Nervosa, Ahem Sagaslli, Kush Modi, Matthew Pellnitz, and Nathan E. Kirsch

Fatal Case of Lactic Acidosis in a Post-Partum HIV Patient on Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor with New Diagnosis of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Ahmed Sagaslli, Nathan Kirsch, and Kush Modi

Necessity of More Sensitivity Analyses and Interpretations from Public Health Perspectives, Vasveebye Sonoo, Jay V. Kumar, Xibei Liu, Johnson Ukken, Mary J. Froehlich, Ji Won Yoo, Ronald I. Gross, Michael Coburn, Jeffrey A. Bailey, Alexander Eastman, James Ficke, Eric Kuncir, Robert W. Letton, Brian J. Eastridge, Amy E. Liepert, Alison Wilson, Danny Robinette, James W. Davis, Christian Shalgian, Holly Michaels, Mark C. Weissler, Deborah A. Kuhls, Eileen M. Bulger, and Ronald M. Stewart

Necessity of More Sensitivity Analyses and Interpretations From Public Health Perspectives, Vasveebye Sonoo M.D., Jay V. Kumar M.D., Xibei Lui M.D., Johnson Ukken, Mary Froehlich, and Ji Woo Yoo M.D.

Does Serum Hemoglobin a1c During Early Pregnancy Predict Performance on the 1-Hour Glucose Challenge Test?, Miranda Stiewig, David N. Jackson, and David L. Howard

Change in Emergency Department Volume Following the Las Vegas October Shooting, D. S. Thompson, T. Marshall, L. R. Bali, I. Chung, and David Slattery

Bone Morphogenetic Protein‐2 Promotes Osteosarcoma Growth by Promoting Epithelial‐Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) Through the Wnt/β‐Catenin Signaling Pathway, Haijun Tian, Tangjun Zhou, Hongfang Chen, Chenshaung Li, Ziyue Jiang, Lifeng Lao, Suzana Assad Kahn, Maria Eugenia Leite Duarte, Jie Zhao, Michael D. Daubs, Zorica Buser, Elsa J. Brochmann, Jeffrey C. Wang, and Samuel S. Murray

Low-Dose Allopurinol Promotes Greater Serum Urate Lowering in Gout Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Compared with Normal Kidney Function, Michael Toprover MD; Daria B. Crittenden MD, MS; Dodji V. Modjinou MD; Cheongeun Oh PhD; Svetlana Krasnokutsky MD; MS; Mark C. Fisher MD; MPH; Robert T. Keenan MD; MPH; and Michael H. Pillinger

A 5-Year Review of Pavement Burns From a Desert Burn Center, Jorge Vega Jr, Paul Chestovich, Syed Saquib, and Douglas Fraser

Ingestion of Steamed and Dehydrated Placenta Capsules Does Not Affect Postpartum Plasma Prolactin Levels or Neonatal Weight Gain: Results from a Randomized, Double‐Bind, Placebo‐Controlled Pilot Study, Sharon M. Young, Laura K. Grieder, Chad L. Cross, David Zava, Wendy Norris, and Daniel C. Benyshek

Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Estimates Against Influenza A(H3N2) and A(H1N1) Pdm09 Among Children During School-Based Outbreaks in the 2016–2017 Season in Beijing, China, Li Zhang, Wim van der Hoek, Thomas Krafft, Eva Pilot, Liselotte van Asten, Ge Lin Kan, Shuangsheng Wu, Wei Duan, Peng Yang, and Quanyi Wang

Transplantation of Human Umbilical Cord Blood–Derived Cellular Fraction Improves Left Ventricular Function and Remodeling After Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion, Lin Zhao, Guangming Cheng, Kashyap Choksi, Anweshan Samanta, Magdy Girgis, Rupal Soder, Robert J. Vincent, Michael Wulser, Matt De Ruyter, Patrick McEnulty, Jeryl Hauptman, Yanjuan Yang, Carl P. Weiner, and Buddhadeb Dawn

Transplantation of Human Umbilical Cord Blood–Derived Cellular Fraction Improves Left Ventricular Function and Remodeling After Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion, Lin Zhao, Guangming Cheng, Kashyap Choksi, Anweshan Samanta, Magdy Girgis, Rupal Soder, Robert J. Vincent, Michael Wulser, Matt Ruyter, Patrick McEnulty, Jeryl Hauptman, Yanjuan Yang, Carl P. Weiner, and Buddhadeb Dawn

Submissions from 2018


Leadership Characteristics Evaluated in a Pediatric Simulated Resuscitation Scenario, Judith Ben Ari, Bruce Berstein, and Sharon Calaman

Early Readmission Risk Identification for Hospitalized Older Adults With Decompensated Heart Failure, Yousef Ayatollahi, Xibei Liu, Ali Namazi, Mohammad Jaradat, Takashi Yamashita, Jay J. Shen, Yong-Jae Lee, Soumya Upadhyay, Sun Jung Kim, and Ji Won Yoo

Germline T790M Mutation of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) in a Case of Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the Lung Without Exposure to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (TKI), M. Azab, A. Al-Dawoodi, Arthur Oliver Romero, and N. Vogelzang

1-Year Mortality Outcome of Nocturnal Positive Pressure Noninvasive Ventilation and Oxygen Therapy Versus Conventional Long-Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) in Severe Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients. A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, M. Azab, A. Al-Dawoodi, and Amaan Shafi

Exposure to Bisphosphonates and Risk of Breast Cancer: A Meta-analysis of Published Observational Studies, Mohamed Azab, Tamarah Al-Dawoodi, Yen Cao, Amaan Shafi, and Ji Yoo

Simple Focal Non-convulsive Status Epilepticus (NSCE) Masquerading as Acute Cerebrovascular Accident: A Case Study, Mohamed Azab, Yen Cao, Amaan Shafi, Syed M. Saghir, and Ji Yoo

Safety of Radiation versus Non-Radiation Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) in Pregnancy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Mohamed Azab MD, Mahendran Jayaraj MD, Annie S. Hong MD, Hyeyoung Yeom MD, Mohamad Mubder MD, Shafi Amaan MD, Solaimani Pejman MD, Syed M. Saghir MD, Ji Won Yoo MD, and Michael L. Volk MD


Safety of Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) In Pregnancy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Mohamed M. Azab, Mahendran Jayaraj, Amaan Shafi, and Shahid Wahid

A Rare Case of B-Cell Lymphoma Presenting as a Large Solid Pancreatic Mass: A Case Report, Mohamed Azab MD, Amaan Shafi MD, and Shahid Wahid MD

Necessity of Interrupted Time Series Analysis in Evaluating the Impact of PHS Risk Identification and Introduction of Direct-Acting Antiviral Therapy and Share 35 Implementation, Mohamed Azab, Sayed Shah, Xibei Liu, Amaan Shafi, Tamarah Al Dawoodi, Yousif Elmofti, Mary Froehlich, Johnson Ukken, and Ji Won Yoo

Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia as the Etiology of Emergency Medical Services-Reported Traumatic Arrest, James Bailey and Ross P. Berkeley

Adolescent Seizure in the Emergency Department Due to Concomitant Brugada Syndrome, Beau Baum MD, Oscar Ingaramo MD, and David Chao MD

Blastocyst Aneuploidy as a Function of the Diameter of the Originating Ovarian Follicle, C. E. Bedient, Ankita Raman, F. C. Garner, M. C. Aguirre, C. Morrison, S. J. Thomas, A. Bill, and B. S. Shapiro

Charlie Gard And The Limits Of The Harm Principle [1], J C. Bester

Not a Matter of Parental Choice but of Social Justice Obligation: Children Are Owed Measles Vaccination, Johan C. Bester