Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine Faculty.


Submissions from 2021


Consensus-Based Standards and Indicators to Strengthen Trauma Center Injury and Violence Prevention Programs, Christy Adams, Deborah A. Kuhls, Shelli Stephens-Stidham, Julie Alfonso, Stewart Williams, and Glen H. Tinkoff

Thrombosis, Bleeding, and the Observational Effect of Early Therapeutic Anticoagulation on Survival in Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19, Hanny Al-Samkari, Shruti Gupta, Rebecca Karp Leaf, Wei Wang, Rachel P. Rosovsky, Samantha K. Brenner, Salim S. Hayek, Hanna Berlin, Rajat Kapoor, Shahzad Shaefi, Michal L. Melamed, Anne Sutherland, Jared Radbel, Adam Green, Brian T. Garibaldi, Anand Srivastava, Amanda Leonberg-Yoo, Alexandre M. Shehata, Jennifer E. Flythe, Arash Rashidi, Nitender Goyal, Lili Chan, Kusum S. Mathews, S. Susan Hedayati, Rajany Dy, Stephanie M. Toth-Manikowski, Jingjing Zhang, Mary Mallappallil, Roberta E. Redfern, and Amar D. Bansal

Leveraging the Perspectives of Deaf Trainees to Better Care for Vulnerable Communities, Hannah L. Anderson, Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus, and Zachary Featherstone


Required Longitudinal Service-Learning and Its Effects on Medical Students’ Attitudes Toward the Underserved, Monica Rose Arebalos, Faun Lee Botor, Edward Simanton, and Jennifer Young


Validation of Induced Microglia-Like Cells (iMG Cells) for Future Studies of Brain Diseases, Atoshi Banerjee, Yimei Lu, Kenny Do, Travis Mize, Xiaogang Wu, Xiangning Chen, and Jingchun Chen

Surgical Outcomes Between Temporal, Extratemporal Epilepsies and Hypothalamic Hamartoma: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Mri-Guided Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy, Niravkumar Barot, Kavita Batra, Jerry Zhang, Mary Lou Klem, James Castellano, Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez, and Anto Bagic


Assessing the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 among College Students: An Evidence of 15 Countries, Kavita Batra, Manoj Sharma, Ravi Batra, Tejinder P. Singh, and Nena Schvaneveldt


Knowledge, Protective Behaviors and Risk Perception of COVID-19 Among Dental Students in India: A Cross-Sectional Analysis, Kavita Batra, Yashashri Urankar, Ravi Batra, Aaron F. Gomez, Meru S., and Pragati Kaurani

The Impact of Educational Resources and Perceived Preparedness on Medical Education Performance, Justin Bauzon, Amalie Alver, Vishvaas Ravikumar, Adrian Devera, Tatiana Mikhael, Rafae Nauman, and Edward Simanton

Robotic-Assisted Navigation Bronchoscopy as a Paradigm Shift in Peripheral Lung Access, Bryan S. Benn, Arthur O. Romero, Mendy Lum, and Ganesh Krishna

Dysphagia and Epigastric Pain in an Adolescent Boy, Senthil Velan Bhoopalan and Rabea Alhosh

Firearm Storage Practices of US Members of the American College of Surgeons, Brendan T. Campbell, Deborah A. Kuhls, Cynthia L. Talley, Eileen M. Bulger, and Ronald M. Stewart

Relationship between Medical School Diversity and Participation in the US News and World Report Survey, Chayan Chakraborti, Michael J. Woodson, and Marc J. Kahn

Surface Area Graphic Evaluation (SAGE) Diagram Documentation in Burn Patients: Room for Quality Improvement, Mattalynn Chavez-Navin, Barkat Ali, EunHo E. Choi, Ryan Keffer, Sydney Cooper, Whitney Elks, Victor Andujo, and Gregory Borah

Comparing the Effect of Distance to Treatment Facility on Reconstruction and Breast Conservation Therapy for Early-Stage Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Between the Nation and the Mountain Region, Daniel Cheng, Jennifer Baynosa, Chad Cross, Daniel Kirgan, Shelley J. Williams, and Charles St Hill


Vitamin D3 Induces Mesenchymal-to-Endothelial Transition and Promotes a Proangiogenic Niche Through IGF-1 Signaling, Lei Chen, Anweshan Samanta, Lin Zhao, Nathaniel R. Dudley, Tanner Buehler, Robert J. Vincent, Jeryl Hauptman, Magdy Girgis, and Buddhadeb Dawn

Artificial Image Objects for Classification of Schizophrenia with GWAS-Selected SNVs and Convolutional Neural Network, Xiangning Chen, Daniel G. Chen, Zhongming Zhao, Justin Zhan, Changrong Ji, and Jingchun Chen

When Should Feeds Be Resumed After Surgical Feeding Tube Placement? A Survey of East Members, Paul Chestovich, Allison McNickle, Douglas Fraser, Syed Saquib, Joseph Carroll, Stephanie Streit, Deborah Kuhls, and Katie Velez

Why Aducanumab Is Important, Jeffrey Cummings

Aducanumab: Appropriate Use Recommendations, Jeffrey Cummings, P. Aisen, L. G. Apostolova, A. Atri, S. Salloway, and M. Weiner


Aducanumab Produced a Clinically Meaningful Benefit in Association With Amyloid Lowering, Jeffrey Cummings, Paul Aisen, Cynthia Lemere, Alireza Atri, Marwan Sabbagh, and Stephen Salloway

Aducanumab: Appropriate Use Recommendations, Jeffrey Cummings and Steve Salloway

Comparison of Internal Jugular Vein Cross-Section Area During a Russian Tilt-Table Protocol and Microgravity, Jason David, Richard A. Scheuring, Andrew Morgan, Cara Olsen, Ashot Sargsyan, and Alexey Grishin


EUS-Guided Pelvic Drainage: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Banreet Singh Dhindsa, Yassin Naga, Syed Mohsin Saghir, Amaninder Dhaliwal, Daryl Ramai, Chad Cross, Shailender Singh, Ishfaq Bhat, and Douglas G. Adler


Endo-Sponge in Management of Anastomotic Colorectal Leaks: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Banreet S. Dhindsa, Yassin Naga, Syed M. Saghir, Sarav Gunjit Singh Daid, Saurabh Chandan, Harmeet Mashiana, Amaninder Dhaliwal, Abhitej Sidhu, Harlan Sayles, Daryl Ramai, Ishfaq Bhat, Shailender Singh, Stephanie McDonough, and Douglas G. Adler

Clinical Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease: Recommendations of the International Working Group, Bruno Dubois, Nicolas Villain, Giovanni B. Frisoni, Gil D. Rabinovici, Marwan Sabbagh, Stefano Cappa, Alexandre Bejanin, Stéphanie Bombois, Stéphane Epelbaum, Marc Teichmann, Marie Odile Habert, Agneta Nordberg, Kaj Blennow, Douglas Galasko, Yaakov Stern, Christopher C. Rowe, Stephen Salloway, Lon S. Schneider, Jeffrey L. Cummings, and Howard H. Feldman

Outcomes of Children With Diabetic Ketoacidosis Necessitating Tracheal Intubation, Mark Dugan, Judith Ben Ari, Mais Yacoub, and Chad Cross

American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Prevention Committee Review: Family Justice Centers-a Not-so-Novel, but Unknown Gem, Thomas K. Duncan, Ronald Stewart, Kimberly Joseph, Deborah A. Kuhls, Tracey Dechert, Sharven Taghavi, Stephanie Bonne, and Kazuhide Matsushima


The Effects of Warfarin and Direct Oral Anticoagulants on Systemic Vascular Calcification: A Review, Kalaimani Elango, Awad Javaid, Banveet K. Khetarpal, Sathishkumar Ramalingam, Krishna Prasad Kolandaivel, Kulothungan Gunasekaran, and Chowdhury Ahsan

Isolated Vascular Rings in the Era of High Prenatal Detection Rates: Demographics, Diagnosis, Risk Factors, and Outcome, William N. Evans, Ruben J. Acherman, Michael L. Ciccolo, Juan Lehoux, Dean Berthoty, Gary A. Mayman, and Humberto Restrepo

Prenatal Diagnosis of Isolated Perimembranous Ventricular Septal Defects Undergoing Primary Surgical Repair In Infancy, William N. Evans, Ruben J. Acherman, Michael L. Ciccolo, Juan Lehoux, and Humberto Restrepo

Fontan-Associated Liver Disease and Total Cavopulmonary Anatomical Flow Effectors, William N. Evans, Ruben J. Acherman, Alvaro Galindo, Abraham Rothman, Michael L. Ciccolo, Juan Lehoux, Brody J. Winn, Noel S. Yumiaco, and Humberto Restrepo

Fontan-Associated Anatomical Variants and Hepatic Fibrosis, William N. Evans MD; Ruben J. Acherman MD; Gary A. Mayman MD; Alvaro Galindo MD; Abraham Rothman MD; Michael L. Ciccolo MD; Juan Lehoux MD; Brody J. Winn MD; Noel S. Yumiaco MD; and Humberto Restrepo MD, MPH

Advanced Maternal Age and Critical Congenital Cardiac Malformations in Nevada, William N. Evans, Ruben J. Acherman, and Humberto Restrepo

Common Arterial Trunk in the Era of High Prenatal Detection Rates: Results of Neonatal Palliation and Primary Repair, Williams N. Evans, Ruben J. Acherman, Michael L. Ciccolo, Juan Lehoux, Alvaro Galindo, Abraham Rothman, Gary A. Mayman, and Humberto Restrepo

Building Brain Capital, Harris A. Eyre, Rym Ayadi, William Ellsworth, Gowri Aragam, Erin Smith, Walter D. Dawson, Agustin Ibanez, Cara Altimus, Michael Berk, Husseini K. Manji, Eric A. Storch, Marion Leboyer, Naoko Kawaguchi, Michael Freeman, Patrick Brannelly, Facundo Manes, Sandra B. Chapman, Jeffrey Cummings, Carol Graham, Benjamin F. Miller, Zoltan Sarnyai, Retsina Meyer, and William Hynes

RNA-Seq Used to Identify Ipsdienone Reductase (IDONER): A Novel Monoterpene Carbon-Carbon Double Bond Reductase Central to Ips Confusus Pheromone Production, Katherine E. Fisher, Richard L. Tillett, Misha Fotoohi, Cody Caldwell, Juli Petereit, Karen Schlauch, Claus Tittiger, Gary J. Blomquist, and Marina MacLean

Value-Generating Exploratory Trials in Neurodegenerative Dementias, Lauren G. Friedman, Nicholas McKeehan, Yuko Hara, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Dawn C. Matthews, Jian Zhu, Richard C. Mohs, Deli Wang, Suzanne B. Hendrix, Melanie Quintana, Lon S. Schneider, Michael Grundman, Samuel P. Dickson, Howard H. Feldman, Judith Jaeger, Elizabeth C. Finger, J. Michael Ryan, Debra Niehoff, Susan L.J. Dickinson, Jessica T. Markowitz, Meriel Owen, Alessio Travaglia, and Howard M. Fillit

Lobectomy for Acquired Lobar Emphysema Months Following Newborn Repair of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Mary Froehlich, Lance Horner, Joseph Stathos, Craig Nakamura, and Michael G. Scheidler

The "Double Washer" Technique Is an Effective Strategy for Bicortical Fixation in Periprosthetic Fractures About a Femoral Stem: A Technical Trick and Case Series, Abraham M. Goch, Sandip Tarpada, Jeremy Loloi, Milan K. Sen, Ryhor Harbacheuski, and Apostolos Dimitroulias

Effects of Injury Pattern and Treatment on Case Length and Disposition for Hand Injuries Treated Under a Workers’ Compensation Claim, Aaron Gray and Colby Young

Trends in Prevalence and Outcomes of Cannabis Use Among Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Hospitalizations: A Nationwide Population-Based Study 2005-2014, Kulothungan Gunasekaran, Dinesh C. Voruganti, Mandeep S. Rahi, Kalaimani Elango, Sathishkumar Ramalingam, Adiba Geeti, and Jeff Kwon

AKI Treated with Renal Replacement Therapy in Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19, Shruti Gupta, Steven G. Coca, Lili Chan, Michael L. Melamed, Samatha K. Brenner, Salim S. Hayek, Anne Sutherland, Sonika Puri, Anand Srivastava, Amanda Leonberg-Yoo, Alexandre M. Shehata, Jennifer E. Flythe, Arash Rashidi, Edward J. Schenck, Nitender Goyal, S. Susan Hedayati, Rajany Dy, Anip Bansal, Ambarish Athavale, H. Bryant Nguyen, Anitha Vijayan, David M. Charytan, Carl E. Schulze, Min J. Joo, Allon N. Friedman, Jingjing Zhang, Marie Anne Sosa, Eric Judd, Juan Carlos Q. Velez, Mary Mallappallil, and Roberta E. Redfern

Developing the ATX(N) Classification for Use Across the Alzheimer Disease Continuum, Harald Hampel, Jeffrey Cummings, Kaj Blennow, Peng Gao, Clifford R. Jack, and Andrea Vergallo

The Amyloid-β Pathway in Alzheimer’s Disease, Harald Hampel, John Hardy, Kaj Blennow, Christopher Chen, George Perry, Seung Hyun Kim, Victor L. Villemagne, Paul Aisen, Michele Vendruscolo, Takeshi Iwatsubo, Colin L. Masters, Min Cho, Lars Lannfelt, Jeffrey L. Cummings, and Andrea Vergallo

State-of-the-Art Of Lumbar Puncture and Its Place in the Journey of Patients With Alzheimer's Disease, Harald Hampel, Leslie M. Shaw, Paul Aisen, Christopher Chen, Alberto Lleó, Takeshi Iwatsubo, Atsushi Iwata, Masahito Yamada, Takeshi Ikeuchi, Jianping Jia, Huali Wang, Charlotte E. Teunissen, Elaine Peskind, Kaj Blennow, Jeffrey Cummings, and Andrea Vergallo

Sleep Time and Duration Is Associated With Periodontitis in a Representative Sample of Koreans, Dong Hun Han, Mi sun Kim, Seohee Kim, Ji Won Yoo, and Jay J. Shen

Safety and Tolerability of GRF6019 Infusions in Severe Alzheimer's Disease: A Phase II Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial, Jonas Hannestad, Tiffanie Duclos, Whitney Chao, Katie Koborsi, Vicki Klutzaritz, Brian Beck, Ashok K. Patel, James Scott, Stephen G. Thein, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Gary Kay, Steven Braithwaite, and Karoly Nikolich

Genomic Surveillance of Nevada Patients Revealed Prevalence of Unique SARS-CoV-2 Variants Bearing Mutations in the RdRp Gene, Paul D. Hartley, Richard L. Tillett, David P. AuCoin, Joel R. Sevinsky, Yanji Xu, Andrew Gorzalski, Mark Pandori, Erin Buttery, Holly Hansen, Michael A. Picker, Cyprian C. Rossetto, and Subhash C. Verma

Examination of the Reliability and Feasibility of Two Smartphone Applications to Assess Executive Functioning in Racially Diverse Older Adults, Samantha E. John, Sarah A. Evans, Bona Kim, Petek Ozgul, David W. Loring, Monica Parker, James J. Lah, Allan I. Levey, and Felicia C. Goldstein

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Consensus Diagnostic Criteria for Traumatic Encephalopathy Syndrome, Douglas I. Katz, Charles Bernick, David W. Dodick, Jesse Mez, Megan L. Mariani, Charles H. Adler, Michael L. Alosco, Laura J. Balcer, Sarah J. Banks, William B. Barr, David L. Brody, Robert C. Cantu, Kristen Dams-O'Connor, Yonas E. Geda, Barry D. Jordan, Thomas W. McAllister, Elaine R. Peskind, Ronald C. Petersen, Jennifer V. Wethe, Ross D. Zafonte, Eimear M. Foley, Debra J. Babcock, Walter J. Koroshetz, Yorghos Tripodis, Ann C. McKee, Martha E. Shenton, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Eric M. Reiman, and Robert A. Stern

Electromagnetic Interference From Left Ventricular Assist Device in Patients With Transvenous Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator, Banveet Kaur Khetarpal, Justin Z. Lee, Awad I. Javaid, Lanyu Mi, Nithin Rao Venepally, Bharat Narasimhan, Brian W. Hardaway, Yong Mei Cha, Fred Kusumoto, Siva K. Mulpuru, and Komandoor Srivathsan

Extrapulmonary Coccidioidomycosis in a Young Postpartum Immunocompetent Host, Nathan Kirsch, Kushal Patel, Richard Ciezki, Alfredo Iardino, Shadaba Asad, Jeremy Kilburn, Kush Modi, Mutsumi Kioka, Rajany Dy, and Angelica Honsberg

Survey of American College of Surgeons Members on Firearm Injury Prevention, Deborah A. Kuhls, Brendan T. Campbell, Arielle Thomas, Holly Michaels, Eileen M. Bulger, and Ronald M. Stewart


Robotic Bronchoscopy for Peripheral Pulmonary Lesion Biopsy: Evidence-Based Review of the Two Platforms, Abhishek Kumar, Jose D. Caceres, Siddharthan Vaithilingham, Gurshan Sandhu, and Nikhil K. Meena

Accuracy of Continuous and Noninvasive Hemoglobin Monitoring in the Presence of CO2 Insufflation: An Observational Pilot Study, Hye Sun Lee, Ji Won Yoo, Ha Yeon Kim, Na Young Kim, and Ji Eun Kim


The Association of Education in a New Society and Social Support From the Education With the Health of North Korean Defectors: A Cross-Sectional Study, Jihyun Lee, Yui Park, Dong Hun Han, Ji Won Yoo, Wenlian Zhou, Pearl Kim, and Jay J. Shen


WJMSC-Derived Small Extracellular Vesicle Enhance T Cell Suppression Through PD-L1, Meizhang Li, Rupal Soder, Sunil Abhyankar, Haitham Abdelhakim, Mitchell W. Braun, Camille V. Trinidad, Harsh B. Pathak, Ziyan Pessetto, Clayton Deighan, Siddhartha Ganguly, Buddhadeb Dawn, Joseph McGuirk, Neil Dunavin, and Andrew K. Godwin

Practical Recommendations for Timely, Accurate Diagnosis of Symptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease (MCI and Dementia) In Primary Care: A Review and Synthesis, J. L. Liss, S. Seleri Assunção, Jeffrey Cummings, A. Atri, D. S. Geldmacher, S. F. Candela, D. P. Devanand, H. M. Fillit, J. Susman, J. Mintzer, T. Bittner, S. A. Brunton, D. R. Kerwin, W. C. Jackson, G. W. Small, G. T. Grossberg, C. K. Clevenger, V. Cotter, R. Stefanacci, A. Wise-Brown, and M. N. Sabbagh


Photonic Designs to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality for ICU Patients on Ventilators, Jacob C. LoMonaco, Noah R. Baker, C. David Melville, Catherine A. Olivo, Matthew D. Carson, and Eric J. Seibel

Suture-Button Versus Screw Fixation in Adolescent Syndesmotic Injuries: Functional Outcomes and Maintenance of Reduction, Benjamin M. Lurie, Conner J. Paez, Shayna R. Howitt, and Andrew T. Pennock


Cancer Survivorship in Hematologic Malignancies: Lifestyle Changes After Diagnosis, Pannaga Malalur, Manas Agastya, Sandhya Wahi-Gururaj, Chad L. Cross, Delva Deauna-Limayo, and Edwin C. Kingsley

Pegloprastide-Based Ratiometric Fluorescence Imaging Detects Intraoperative Positive Margins in Real-Time, Sarah A. McLaughlin, M. Catherine Lee, Sheldon M. Feldman, Barry Rosen, Valerie P. Grignol, Anne M. Wallace, Kazuaki Takabe, Paul L. Baron, Charles R. St. Hill, Nayana S. Dekhne, Jill R. Dietz, Patricia B. Wehner, Claire L. Buchanan, Jesus E. Gonzalez, and Steven L. Chen

Big Kids: Utilizing the Brain Injury Guidelines in a Pediatric Trauma Center, Allison McNickle, Judith Ben Ari, Stephanie Streit, Mais Yacoub, Stephanie Jones, and Douglas Fraser

Diagnostic Criteria for Apathy in Neurocognitive Disorders, David S. Miller, Philippe Robert, Larry Ereshefsky, Lawrence Adler, Daniel Bateman, Jeff Cummings, Steven T. DeKosky, Corinne E. Fischer, Masud Husain, Zahinoor Ismail, Judith Jaeger, Alan J. Lerner, Abby Li, Constantine G. Lyketsos, Valeria Manera, Jacobo Mintzer, Hans J. Moebius, Moyra Mortby, Didier Meulien, Stephane Pollentier, Anton Porsteinsson, Jill Rasmussen, Paul B. Rosenberg, Myuri T. Ruthirakuhan, Mary Sano, Carla Zucchero Sarracini, and Krista L. Lanctôt

Use of Propranolol in the Treatment of Chylous Effusions in Infants, Kaitlin Mitchell, Angela Weiner, Patricia Ramsay, and Mitali Sahni

Are Self-Inflicted Stab Wounds Less Severe Than Assaults? Analysis of Injury and Severity by Intent, Kyle Mock, Allison G. McNickle, Carmen E. Flores, Brandon Radow, Katie Velez, Deborah A. Kuhls, Douglas R. Fraser, and Paul J. Chestovich

Skull Base Fractures and Cerebrovascular Injuries More Than a Casual Acquaintance: A Case Report, Chad Morrison, Katie Francis, Paul Chestovich, Rajneesh Agrawal, and Deborah Kuhls


Intraluminal Endovascular Coil Migration: A Rare Complication Post-Embolization of the Gastroduodenal Artery for a Previously Bleeding Duodenal Ulcer, Yassin Naga, Mahendran Jayaraj, Yousif Elmofti, Annie Hong, and Gordon Ohning

COVID-19 and Acute Coronary Syndrome With Multi-Vessel Disease Needing CABG, Keaton Nasser, Jibran Rana, and Chowdhury Ahsan

Zoonotic Diseases: New Directions in Human–Animal Pathology, Nabil Noureddin, Mazen Noureddin, Amandeep Singh, and Naim Alkhouri

An Unusual Case of Ventricular Fibrillation Arrest During Pregnancy, Saima Nur, Kyaw Min Tun, Omar Al-Taweed, and Chowdhury Ahsan

Safe and Efficient Performance of Open Tracheostomies in Patients with COVID-19 - The Fenestrated Technique, Oluwafunmilola T. Okuyemi, Alycia Spinner, Tina Elkins, Jo Lawrence Bigcas, Matthew Ng, and Robert C. Wang


Functional Outcomes of Unstable Ankle Fractures With and Without Syndesmotic Fixation in the Adolescent Population, Connor J. Paez, Benjamin M. Lurie, Vidyadhar V. Upasani, and Andrew T. Pennock

Association Between Body Weight Variability and Incidence of Parkinson Disease: A Nationwide, Population-Based Cohort Study, Joo-Hyun Park, Yeonjoo Choi, Hyunjin Kim, Myung Ji Nam, Chung-woo Lee, Ji Won Yoo, Jin-Hyung Jung, Yong-Gyu Park, Kyungdo Han, and Do-Hoon Kim

Histoplasmosis Dressed as Kaposi, Kushal Patel, Nathan Kirsch, Richard Ciezki, Shadaba Asad, Jeremy Kilburn, Angelica Honsberg, Kush Modi, Rajany Dy, Mutsumi Kioka, and Alfredo Iardino

Management of Simple and Retained Hemothorax: A Practice Management Guideline From the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma: Hemothorax Management Guideline, Nimitt J. Patel, Linda Dultz, Husayn A. Ladhani, Daniel C. Cullinane, Eric Klein, Allison G. McNickle, Nikolay Bugaev, Douglas R. Fraser, Susan Kartiko, Chris Dodgion, Peter A. Pappas, Dennis Kim, Sarah Cantrell, John J. Como, and George Kasotakis


Estimating Progression Rates Across the Spectrum of Alzheimer’s Disease for Amyloid-Positive Individuals Using National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center Data, Michele Potashman, Marric Buessing, Mihaela Levitchi Benea, Jeffrey Cummings, Soo Borson, Peter Pemberton-Ross, and Andrew J. Epstein


Rare and Low Frequency Genomic Variants Impacting Neuronal Functions Modify the Dup7q11.23 Phenotype, Farah Qaiser, Yue Yin, Carolyn B. Mervis, Colleen A. Morris, Bonita P. Klein-Tasman, Elaine Tam, Lucy R. Osborne, and Ryan K.C. Yuen

A Case Series of Chemical Dermal Injury Requiring Operative Intervention after Prolonged Dermal Methylene Chloride Exposure, John Rague, Jordan Grush, and Jennie Buchanan

Real-World Experience of Intragastric Balloons for Obesity: Insights from the FDA Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE) Database, Daryl Ramai, Peter Bhandari, Antonio Facciorusso, Mohamed Barakat, Yuriy Pasisnichenko, Syed Saghir, Antonio Ambrosi, Nicola Tartaglia, Saurabh Chandan, Banreet Dhindsa, Amaninder Dhaliwal, Stephanie McDonough, and Douglas G. Adler

Impact of Demographics and Number of IVF Cycles on Oncofertility Information for Men With Cancer: Content Analysis of NCI Designated Cancer Center, Melody A. Rasouli, Christopher de Haydu, Angela H. Liu, Kajal Verma, and Cindy M. Duke

Liability for Embryo Mix-Ups in Fertility Practices in the USA, Melody A. Rasouli, Christopher P. Moutos, and John Y. Phelps

Where Do International Medical Graduates Matriculate for Internal Medicine Training? A National Longitudinal Study, Shalini T. Reddy, Michael Kisielewski, Lisa L. Willett, Sandhya Wahi-Gururaj, Vinny M. Arora, Furman S. McDonald, Himangi Kaushal, and Saima Chaudhry

Management of Traumatic Laryngotracheal Separation: Case Series and Review, Nathaniel H. Reeve, Yuna Kim, Jacob B. Kahane, Alycia G. Spinner, Matthew Ng, and Robert C. Wang

Incidence and Treatment Efficacy of Trigger Finger in the Breast Cancer Population on Aromatase Inhibitors, Andrew J. Regent-Smith, Evan J. Childers, William W. Dzwierzynski, and Aaron L. Morgan

Brain Health Living Labs, Shannon Richardson, Anika Sinha, Ipsit Vahia, Walter Dawson, Jeffrey Kaye, Charles F. Reynolds, Erin Smith, Jeffrey Cummings, Michael Berk, Helen Lavretsky, and Harris A. Eyre

Rapid and Severe Neurologic Deterioration Due to Influenza Associated Encephalopathy in a Healthy Child, Taylor Roth, Dominic DiPrinzio, and Jay D. Fisher

International Psychogeriatric Association (IPA) Consensus for Defining Psychosis in Major and Mild Neurocognitive Disorders, Mary Sano, Jeffrey Cummings, Dilip V. Jeste, Sanford Finkel, and William Reichman

Effect of Beta(1)/Beta(2)-Adrenoceptor Inhibition on Beta(3)-Adrenoceptor Activity in the Rat Cremaster Muscle Artery, Samantha L. Saunders, Dana S. Hutchinson, Fiona C. Britton, Lu Liu, Irit Markus, Shaun L. Sandow, and Timothy V. Murphy

Alzheimer's Disease, Philip Scheltens, Bart De Strooper, Miia Kivipelto, Henne Holstege, Gael Chételat, Charlotte E. Teunissen, Jeffrey Cummings, and Wiesje M. van der Flier

Cardiac Transplant Recipient with COVID-19 Induced Acute Hypoxic Respiratory Failure: A Case Report, Ariyon Schreiber, Kalaimani Elango, Kimberly Hong, and Chowdhury Ahsan

The Essential but Enigmatic Regulatory Role of HERVH in Pluripotency, Corinne E. Sexton, Richard L. Tillett, and Mira V. Han

D-dimer and Death in Critically Ill Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019, Samuel A.P. Short, Shruti Gupta, Samantha K. Brenner, Salim S. Hayek, Anand Srivastava, Shahzad Shaefi, Harkarandeep Singh, Benjamin Wu, Aranya Bagchi, Hanny Al-Samkari, Rajany Dy, Katherine Wilkinson, Neil A. Zakai, and David E. Leaf


Helping Mothers Survive: Program Evaluation and Early Outcomes of Maternal Care Training in the Dominican Republic, Meghan Smith, Alexandra Leader, Wanny Roa, Ericka Jaramillo, Davina Lazala, Jose Flores, Claudia Cadet, Ruraj Vazifedan, Suzanne Bentley, and Lloyd Jensen


A Randomized, Double-Blind, Phase 2b Proof-of-Concept Clinical Trial in Early Alzheimer’s Disease With Lecanemab, an Anti-aβ Protofibril Antibody, Chad J. Swanson, Yong Zhang, Shobha Dhadda, Jinping Wang, June Kaplow, Robert Y.K. Lai, Lars Lannfelt, Heather Bradley, Martin Rabe, Akihiko Koyama, Larisa Reyderman, Donald A. Berry, Scott Berry, Robert Gordon, Lynn D. Kramer, and Jeffrey L. Cummings

Comparison of Predictors for Terminal Disease Progression in Simian Immunodeficiency Virus/Simian-HIV-Infected Rhesus Macaques, Naofumi Takahashi, Amir Ardeshir, Gerard E. Holder, Yanhui Cai, Chie Sugimoto, Kazuyasu Mori, Mariluz Araínga, Ziyuan He, Yayoi Fukuyo, Woong Ki Kim, Elizabeth S. Didier, and Marcelo J. Kuroda

Trial of Pimavanserin in Dementia-Related Psychosis, Pierre N. Tariot, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Maria E. Soto-Martin, Clive Ballard, Deniz E. Erten-Lyons, David L. Sultzer, Davangere P. Devanand, Daniel Weintraub, Bradley McEvoy, James M. Youakim, Srdjan Stankovic, and Erin P. Foff

Ethical Considerations in Clinical Photography: An Updated Perspective, Chad M. Teven, Joshua J. Goldman, and Alanna M. Rebecca

A Case of Syphilitic Proctitis Mimicking Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Kyaw Min Tun, Jose Aponte-Pieras, Daisy Lankarani, and Gordon Ohning