Understanding the Makeup of a Growing Field: A Committee on Trauma Survey of the National Network of Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs

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American Journal of Surgery

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Background: Among Hospital Based Violence Intervention programs (HVIPs), little is known about variation in services provided, funding sources, or populations served. Study design: Twenty-eight member programs of Health Alliance for Violence Intervention participated in a survey administered by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma. Questions were quantitative and qualitative. For qualitative analysis, questions pertaining to the domains were assessed for common themes and assessed across all subject domains. Results: All programs enroll patients injured by community violence, some by intimate partner violence (IPV), trafficking, and rarely by child or elder abuse. Programs with more funding (≥$300,000 per year) were more likely federally, state, or city funded. Lower funded programs (≤$300,000 per year) were funded by foundations or philanthropy. In both qualitative and quantitative analysis, barriers to starting or sustaining HVIPs included funding, and lack of risk reduction and mental health resources. Successful programs had stable funding, adequate staffing, and buy in from hospitals and staff. Conclusion: HVIPs serve diverse populations in variable models. There is opportunity to expand the reach of HVIPs, and the experience if existing programs is an invaluable resource.


Hospital based violence intervention programs; Injury prevention; Violence


Public Health | Surgery




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