Spectra Undergraduate Research Journal

Mission, Aims, and Scope


Spectra Undergraduate Research Journal is committed to advancing responsible and ethical conduct of research, academic integrity, civil discourse, open and critical inquiry, and fair and unbiased representation of undergraduate student research across the academic spectrum.


The main objectives of Spectra are to:

1. Develop and improve research publishing skills by means of peer review process whereby scholarly feedback received,

2. Provide undergraduate authors with the opportunity to engage in collaboration with their peers and faculty members, both in their research and during the publication process,

3. Promote, expand, and enhance undergraduate student research participation at UNLV,

4. Support and reward undergraduate students’ research involvement and add value to their overall education, professional development, and career readiness,

5. Elevate the status of undergraduate research education at UNLV.


As OUR defines research in the broadest and most inclusive way, Spectra invites submissions from the following disciplines:

  • AHS – Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences: Fine Arts, Business, Education, Hospitality, Liberal Arts, Urban Affairs
  • HNSE – Health and Natural Sciences and Engineering: Engineering, Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, and Sciences including Math, Geoscience, and Life Sciences
  • We encourage submission of original research that is well written and accessible to a wide audience and accept the following forms of literary and empirical work:

    1. Primary research articles

    2. Primary review articles

    3. Research protocol articles

    4. Thesis-based research articles from laboratory and field work, term papers (with the approval and endorsement of the instructor), or other faculty-supervised projects.

    5. Creative writing including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and prose