Spectra Undergraduate Research Journal

Aims & Scope


Spectra Undergraduate Research Journal is an interdisciplinary, semesterly research journal run by and created for undergraduate students. We aspire to showcase student research across the academic spectrum by accepting submissions from the social sciences, STEM fields, arts, and humanities. We also want to provide undergraduate authors with the opportunity to engage in collaboration with their peers and faculty members, both in their research and during the publication process. With our journal, we strive to showcase the diverse and insightful findings of undergraduate students in conversation with their chosen disciplines.

Research comes in many forms. In order to represent the full spectrum of research and to ensure a diverse publication, we accept literature reviews, thesis-based research, photo essays, and historical archival research from all majors. Thesis-based research can come from laboratory and field work, term papers (with the approval and endorsement of the instructor), or other faculty-supervised projects. For all submissions, students must be under the supervision of a faculty member or gain approval from the appropriate faculty member prior to submission. Authors will retain the rights to their original work.