City of Las Vegas celebrates trees

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The city is highlighting the benefits of trees with the community and providing information about selecting the best tree for a location. The city is planting trees in various locations to increase our tree canopy and reap the many benefits they provide. Our urban forest provides many significant benefits to the community. Trees improve the air we breathe by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) and filtering airborne pollutants. Their shade provides comfort and relief from the sun and reduces the energy used for air conditioning by homes and businesses. Their root system helps to filter the pollutants in storm water run-off that flows in the streets and ultimately washes into Lake Mead. Tree-lined streets and tree-adorned properties are not only attractive and inviting, but have higher property values. Recognizing the important contributions of trees, the Las Vegas City Council adopted the Urban Forestry Initiative in May 2008 and established three goals: - Double the average tree canopy of 10 percent coverage to 20 percent by 2035. - Work with our partners to ensure that urban forestry remains a priority in Southern Nevada. - Prepare an Urban Forest Management Plan for the city of Las Vegas. Choosing the right tree for the right location is very important. Each tree offers a variety of characteristics: size, growth rate, water consumption, litter and allergens. Consulting a local planting guide or a professional familiar with trees will ensure the best tree selection.


Clark county (Nev.); Drought tolerant plants; Tree planting environmental aspects; Trees in cities; Xeriscaping


Environmental Policy | Landscape Architecture | Sustainability




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