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Trees for Tomorrow was created to educate Southern Nevada residents on the benefits of trees and to help homeowners choose the right trees for their landscape setting. The goal of this booklet is to help homeowners successfully select and establish trees. This Centennial edition recognizes the 100-year celebration of the founding of the City of Las Vegas.

Planting trees is a necessary adaptation to human settlement in arid environments. A strong, healthy community forest is built tree by tree, home by home. Tree canopies help to reduce energy demands, reduce water demands, reduce local air temperatures, reduce air pollution, provide habitat for birds, and create beautiful, shady urban environments.

The trees in this booklet were chosen because they are our most reliable trees given our intense sunlight and variety of local soils. They are tolerant of heat, cold and wind, moderately fast growing, provide good shade, water efficient, low-maintenance, and most are readily available in local nurseries. These tree choices were based on the combined experience of many local arborists, horticulture professionals, plant nursery staff, commercial and residential landscape companies and architects who have been working in Southern Nevada over the past century. Several hundred trees were considered during the revision of Trees for Tomorrow. Only the most “bulletproof” shade trees are included in the Centennial edition.

Trees that did not make it into this edition did not meet criteria of tolerance, insect issues, invasiveness or water use. Specialty trees

like palms, fruit and nut trees were excluded. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (702-222-3130) has detailed information on these trees. While many favorite trees did not make it into the Centennial edition, they are still available for the adventurous gardener, and can be found in Trees of Yesterday at Web site


Clark county (Nev.); Drought tolerant plants; Tree planting environmental aspects; Trees in cities; Xeriscaping


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