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This publication is dedicated to the citizens of Las Vegas, to the 3,000 men and women

who serve them at the city of Las Vegas and to future generations who will make Las

Vegas their home. Together we are working to create a world-class city of today, as well as

continuing to maintain that lofty status well into the future. It is this essence of promoting

our greatness into the years ahead that is at the heart of a concept known as sustainability.

Throughout this publication we have listed what the city is doing to make sure all will be

able to experience an even better quality of life than they do today. Those of us inside City

Hall are more than aware of these efforts and in fact they are some of the city’s top initiatives.

We take great pride in the strides we are making.

Now those outside City Hall are beginning to take notice of the city’s wonderful efforts. For

example, the city has received many key accolades, including recently being named “The

American City of the Year” at the World Leadership Awards in London, England. Our commitment

to sustainability is a key reason the city of Las Vegas captured this prestigious honor,

as well as why the city placed first in the Transportation Category for our Alternative Fuels

Program and first in the Leisure and Sport Category for the Centennial Hills Master-Planned


To those in the know, Las Vegas has thrown off its traditional image of being about entertainment

and gaming alone. We are now also recognized internationally as an innovative

leader in sustainability. A few years ago such an undertaking seemed virtually unimaginable

in a city often associated with Elvis impersonators and showgirls.

As members of the City Council, it is our job to create the vision and set the goals for our

organization, but we count on city staff to bring these dreams to life each day. Together our

focus is to leave a legacy of a world-class city, today and tomorrow. This publication will help

you learn more about how you can be a part of and participate in this effort with us.


City planning environmental aspects; Environmental policy; Las Vegas (Nev.); Sustainability


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