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Spring 2011

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Professional Paper

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Master of Hospitality Administration


Hotel Administration

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Clark Kincaid, Chair

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Americans have become impatient with poor dining service standards. Some believe a depressed economy, lack of skilled labor, and even bad customers have contributed to a new epidemic (Kim & Chen, 2010). Bottom line, most paying customers probably prefer a pleasant service staff to an unpleasant one. Service staff with pleasant personalities and positive attitudes impact the customer experience and overall satisfaction (Ryan & Ployhart, 2003; Barrash, & Costen, 2008). Grandey in 2003 coined this “QSD” or quality service delivery.

Case Synopsis:

The case study depicts a critical service incident with a dining service encounter in an upscale, full service restaurant. The case describes a dining situation leading up to indifference between the customer and the service staff. The case creates teaching moments related to hospitality customer service, and depicts a real life scenario that asks the audience to solve the issues at hand.


Consumers—Attitudes; Food service employees; Hospitality industry – Customer services; Restaurants – Customer services


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Curriculum and Instruction | Food and Beverage Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | Human Resources Management