Young Ki Lee

Award Date

Summer 2011

Degree Type

Professional Paper

Degree Name

Master of Science in Hotel Administration


Hotel Administration

First Committee Member

Billy Bai, Chair

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With increasing global competitions, more opportunities transcending national boundaries may exist for the exhibition organizers and participants. This study offered an integrated approach to understanding how various motivation factors affect the participation in exhibition. The literature review included an introduction of push/pull motivation theories as one of the most representative motivation theories. The factor analysis of survey results supported the categorization of push/pull factors in exhibition industry. The paper concluded that the factor analysis procedures yielded the motivation factor dimensions with similar natures and four underlined motivation dimensions of exhibition participation were labeled. Furthermore, the cultural difference between Western and Eastern participants was examined to employ differentiated strategies in promoting exhibitions.


Cultural difference; Ethnic attitudes; Exhibition industry; Exhibitions; MICE; Motivation; Participation; Push/pull factors; Special events industry


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Critical and Cultural Studies | International Business