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Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology



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Andrea Fontana, Chair

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Anastasia Prokos

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David Dickens

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Anita Revilla

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For this ethnography, I use my feminist perspective, grounded theory, participant observation, and autoethnographic techniques to explore an urban poetry scene. I suggest that scene studies are a viable alternative to community studies and that we move our articulation of social experience to reflect it as it occurs, on a multitude of continuums. My goal with this project is to develop, use, and discuss the utility of a definition of scene that is intended to be useful to scene studies researchers. To this end, I both evaluate an outdated definition of scene (Irwin 1973 & 1977), and define the three core components of scene as identity, space, and participation.

The Sacramento Poetry Scene emerges here as a site for the contestation of power. I conclude that the definition of scene space is a product of the interactions between participants and find that conflict between participants exposes definitional processes. I confirm that scene participation is not stable, fixed, or necessarily limited. I also find that multiple collective identities can come to be articulated on the same scene. Furthermore, 1 identify that social network theory may be useful for informing future scene studies.


Anthropology--Fieldwork; Ethnology; Poets; Sociology; Urban; Street poetry; American


American Literature | Modern Literature | Poetry | Sociology | Sociology of Culture

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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