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Fall 2011

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Hosting a tea tasting event can be challenging for small tea shop owners or owners new to the industry. Knowledge of tea is not a guarantee a tea tasting will be a success. This handbook will be a reference for tea rooms, coffee shops, spas, restaurants, hotels, and gourmet retail outlets or shops to use when planning a tea tasting events. The objective is to provide tea rooms, coffee shops, spas, restaurants, hotels, gourmet retail outlets or shops and others in the tea industry with the tools to hold a successful tea tasting event. Each tea tasting event will have different requirements, but the goals will probably be the same, to increase sales. The handbook will serve as a guide or road map to a creating successful event. Starting with the benefits of holding a tea tasting, the next challenge is to determine the style of tasting appropriate for the location. The style of tasting determines the equipment needed for the tasting. Marketing the tea tasting event to the appropriate market is critical to success. Next comes preparation, then execution of the event. Finally, one often overlooked task that should be part of every event is evaluation of the event.


Advertising — Tea; Tea – History; Tea tasting


Food and Beverage Management | Other Business | Recreation Business

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