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An historical novel set at the end of the American Civil War focusing on the week between President Lincoln's assassination and John Wilkes Booth's death. The backdrop of the story is comprised of the historical events and political figures that shaped this period in time in America. The plot is also configured around the fictional histories of three young souls, the spirit of a murdered Chinese immigrant girl, and a brother and sister who's home in the Appalachians was destroyed during the war. All three are escaping the devastating consequences of the war and seeking a new start in the Western states. They become personally entangled in the plot to assassinate the president on the way west.

The story focuses on the American underclass, the distinctive experiences of the runaways, the impoverished, immigrants, newly freed slaves and those in the criminal class who were also active participants in shaping the recorded history of the United States and as noteworthy as the heroes and villains Americans know by heart. The novel posits that the small dramas have as powerful an effect on the course of American history as do the renowned conflagrations and disasters that become headline news.


American Civil War (1861-1865); American Literature; Creative writing; Fiction; Immigrants; Poverty


Creative Writing | Fiction | Literature in English, North America | Modern Literature

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