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The concept of cloud computing has many benefits for the hotel industry. The migration to cloud computing is expected to have a major impact on the way that information and computer resources are handled by the hotel industry. Investment in technology must bring value to a business whether it’s a large international hotel chain or a small, independent resort. Since business strategy will vary, a detailed study must be performed to identify the major issues that must be analyzed before migrating to the cloud.

The cloud is a highly adaptive IT infrastructure that can be shared by many different end users, each of whom might use it in very different ways. Computing resources can be dynamically and instantaneously distributed by the cloud provider as more users join the system (Mell & Grance, 2010). Cloud providers utilize a cloud infrastructure that is flexible, and which uses a highly efficient economy of scale approach in order to expand computer resources.

Cloud computing can dramatically lower the time and cost of entry to business for smaller firms trying to benefit from computer-intensive business applications that were originally available only to very large corporations. Cloud computing offers an adaptable and dynamic provisioning of computer resources (Bandyopadhyay, Ghalsasi, Li, Marston, & Zhang, 2011). This allows for a very pliable scale of computing power that can distribute large amounts of computing power for relatively short amounts of time, or small, consistent streams. It can provide an almost immediate access to hardware resources, with little to no upfront capital investment. Since less IT hardware is necessary, computer resources become a smaller, operational expense with cloud computing.


Cloud computing; Computer systems – Costs; Hospitality industry — Technological innovations


Hospitality Administration and Management | Management Information Systems | Technology and Innovation

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