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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to create a motivational clinic for Division I coaches in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Statement of Objectives: By attending the motivational clinic for NCAA Division I coaches, attendees will learn effective motivational strategies from former successful collegiate athletes, successful college and professional sport coaches, and experts in sports psychology. By understanding and implementing the theories and strategies learned, coaches will be able to increase student-athlete performance at their institutions.

Justifications: It is important for coaches at all levels to understand athlete motivation. At the NCAA Division I level, the expectations for coaches to produce a “winning team” is highly important and often their jobs depend on it. While coaches may be effective motivators, they may not fully understand motivation theory and how it relates to a team’s success. A coach would benefit from attending a motivational clinic because it would provide strategies and tools for the coach to use to motivate their student-athletes. Furthermore, the clinic will educate the coaches in the theories of motivation and current research trends in the field. It is essential that coaches understand motivation theory as it is applied in a coaching setting. At the clinic, the coaches will have the opportunity to interact with other coaches and could form collaborations them to share ideas about athlete motivational techniques. Coaches can also learn about the newest trends in the field, which is especially important in the rapidly changing technological world.


Coaches (Athletics) – Training of; Coaching (Athletics); College sports — Coaching; Motivation (Psychology); National Collegiate Athletic Association. Division I


Leisure Studies | Sports Management | Sports Studies

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