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Spring 2012

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to provide Alfred Crabtree, owner of Bonk Knob Shoals, with a marketing plan. Bonk Knob Shoals will be an upscale campsite nearby Spencer, TN in Van Buren County.

Statement of Objective: Bonk Knob Shoals is currently under development and the owner wants to gain insight to LOHAS tourists, so he can create a suitable business plan to attract people in that niche market. Marketing is a huge component of the business plan because Crabtree believes a significant amount of resources will be needed to increase tourism awareness of the upscale campsite, which is located in the Upper Cumberland region. By providing an analysis of the location and of the green tourism industry, Crabtree will be able to develop strategic marketing messaging that will effectively and economically reach his target demographics. Sustainability is one of the main objectives of Bonk Knob Shoals and for the local chamber of commerce of Van Buren County, Tennessee. By understanding the LOHAS and green tourism segments, Crabtree can effectively tailor his advertising and marketing messages to attract these tourists. In addition, there is also a unique opportunity here for him to utilize green building practices as a way to not only fulfill his vision of owning an eco-friendly business, but also to be first in the Van Buren County travel market to implement this sustainable measure. Green building practices include the use of native landscaping, organic gardens, solar and wind power, wastewater compositing, and sustainable and renewable building materials. Using sustainable building practices will only enhance the appeal of Bonk Knob Shoals. At the conclusion of this paper, Crabtree will be provided with marketing strategies that will attract tourists to the campsite.


Bonk Knob Shoals (Tenn.); Business plans; Camp sites; facilities; etc. – Marketing; Green marketing; Target marketing; Tennessee – Spencer; Tourism


Hospitality Administration and Management | Marketing | Sustainability | Tourism and Travel

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