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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Rama Venkat

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Paolo Ginobbi

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Yahia Baghzouz

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Laxmi P. Gewali

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In this work, a LED and two types of Compact fluorescent lamps were investigated for the intensity variation due to mechanical vibrations in the range of 0 to 30 HZ. In general, subjecting the lamps to 24-hour vibration affects the total intensity percentage variations of peak intensities after vibrations is in the range of -25 to +15% compared to those of no vibrations for the light emitting diode luminaires. For the case of compact fluorescent lamps (Nuvue) the variations are in range from +10 to +35%, whereas for the Compact fluorescent lamps (Ecosmart) the intensity peaks range from -10 to +10%. Continuous vibration measurements at varying vibrational frequencies (measurements at each frequency for every 10 minutes) show that in the case of LED luminaires, there is no consistency of intensity peaks in case of light emitting diodes, i.e. there is an increase and decrease in intensities, whereas in the case of both compact fluorescent bulbs, there is an increase in intensity at the wavelength of 546.78nm (wavelength of maximum human sensitivity) which reaches a maximum at around 25Hz. Intensity variation effects due to vibration are attributed to the dropping off loose phosphor coatings in the inside wall of the glass enclosures. This effect is more pronounced in CFLs compared to LED luminaires due to the difference in the way the phosphor is coated/sandwiched.


Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs); Intensity variations; Light bulbs; Light emitting diodes (LEDs); Lighting; Mechanical vibrations; Phosphor coatings; Semiconductors; Solid state drives


Electrical and Electronics

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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