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This study was conducted to determine the attitudes of young adults in Clark County, Nevada about breastfeeding and was a replication of part of a study by Marrone, Vogeltanz-Holm, and Holm (2008). The theory for reasoned action was used as the framework to guide the study. This theory explains deliberate behavior and how specific behaviors, such as breastfeeding, are affected by individual attitudes and social support. The research is a cross-sectional correlational study and sought to test two null hypotheses: (1) There is no association between previous exposure to breastfeeding and positive attitudes toward breastfeeding, and (2) There is no difference between male subjects’ and female subjects’ attitudes about breastfeeding. A convenience sample of 190 young adults (male and female students between the ages of 18 and 24), which is adequate to detect a statistical difference for a small effect size (.20) at .80 power, was obtained from various classes at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). The research showed the Iowa Infant Feeding Attitude Scale (IIFAS) to be a valid predictor of desire to breastfeed future children in this sample.


Attitudes; Breastfeeding; Duration; Infant feeding; Iowa Infant Feeding Attitude Scale (IIFAS); Support; Young adults


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