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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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The United States (U.S.) is facing significant challenges in addressing aging water infrastructure. Most of the drinking water infrastructure is reaching the end of their useful lives. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) estimated that it will cost about $1 trillion to repair or replace drinking water pipes. Over the next 20 years, it will cost about $298 billion to fix or expand pipes of the nation's wastewater and storm-water systems (AWWA, 2012). Owners, engineers, and contractors are using Alternative Project Delivery (APD) methods - e.g., Design-Build Construction Management-at-Risk Construction Management/General Contractor- to build water and wastewater projects in order to save time, cost, and improve the quality of the projects.

The purpose of the research was to find the owners' satisfaction levels regarding various benefits related to APD methods as well as different obstacles in using these methods in water and wastewater projects. In addition to this, it was to determine the different satisfaction level of APD methods experienced by different levels of respondents as well as by type of project delivery method experience. A survey questionnaire was prepared and emailed to 455 utility owners to determine their assessments about these project delivery methods.

The results showed the majority of respondents were satisfied with various benefits provided by the APD methods. They also showed that Project Staff was significantly more satisfied with APD methods than Utility Manager. Design-Build users were significantly more satisfied with the quality of completed project than Construction Management-at-Risk users. In addition, Statistical analysis of the responses revealed important insight to interested parties of the water industry.


Alternative project delivery methods; Design build; Public works – Management; Sewage disposal plants; Water and wastewater projects; Water-pipes – Maintenance and repair; Water-supply


Civil Engineering | Construction Engineering and Management | Water Resource Management