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In order to better understand factors affecting immunization status, logistic regression was used to assess the association of various socio-demographic factors and whether parents would have their child immunized if not a state mandate. Factors included in the study were race, household income, number of children in the household, number of adults in the household, if the child had a primary provider, if the child had a health check-up in the last twelve months, and medical insurance status of the child. The combined Nevada Kindergarten Health Survey Result of 2009-2010 (Year Two) and 2010-2011 (Year Three) conducted by the Nevada Institute for Children's Research and Policy (NICRP) was used as the data source. It was hypothesized that race, household income levels, the size of the family and access to healthcare would affect the decision making process of parents towards vaccination. When the later six variables were considered in a multiple logistic regression model, they significantly predicted whether the parent would have his/her child immunized when it is not a state mandate (p


Child rearing – Decision making; Childhood; Decision; Decision making; Factors; Immunization of children; Making; Parental; Vaccination – Decision making; Vaccination of children


Biostatistics | Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Epidemiology | Pediatrics | Preventive Medicine

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