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Fall 2013

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A global industry of festivals and musical events has evolved and developed rapidly especially since the late 1960’s starting with Woodstock. The industry continues today with large-scale multiple stage events that bring in over hundreds of thousands of people. Las Vegas is known by many as the city of entertainment, with world-renowned Cirque Du Soleil shows, poolside concerts at the Cosmopolitan, and the thriving Electric Daisy Carnival. The phenomenal growth of this industry coupled with increased consumer awareness and choice requires sustained development and expansion in the future. Concerts and festivals are unique events that attract audiences. Music-based events are a popular form of entertainment; however research exploring the best practices of promoting a musical event to audiences is sparse. Music events are coveted because they attract attendees from all over the world to Las Vegas, whether for traveling, musical admiration, or of course the festival experience. These events are a part of a huge multi-million dollar industry and without them; the hospitality industry in Las Vegas would have a difficult time attracting potential visitors. It is crucial for event managers to identify a clear model to attract attendees, keep up with ever changing trends, and promote appropriately. Social media provides a straightforward method to assess demographics for festivals.

Effective online marketing strategies that promoters use to advertise events will be examined and discussed. First, starting with social media basics, online marketing, other entertainment companies, mobile applications, then leading in to suggested strategies for the event execution. These marketing strategies have been used by other companies and deemed valuable for the business. These events could not be marketed or advertised without the help of social media. In the past ten years, the Internet and social media have completely changed how consumers view products and brands. Now, instead of purchasing items from a store or magazine, consumers are able to research products, services, and interests online and then share what they have experienced through social media (Hudson & Hudson, 2012).


Concerts; Entertainment events; Internet; Marketing; Music festivals; Nevada--Las Vegas; Public relations; Social media; Special events—Marketing; Tourism


Hospitality Administration and Management | Marketing

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