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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Science

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Tara Pike-Content Advisor

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Dr. Helen Neill, Associate Professor Environmental Studies Program, University of Nevada Las Vegas

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Dr. Krystyna Stave, Dept. of Environmental Studies, UNLV

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The purpose of this thesis is the examine the waste stream of the UNLV dormitories to see if there is a significant amount of waste than can be diverted through a possible recycling program to lower disposal costs. Also with this data we can look at if the student monitored program in the Upper Classmen Complex dormitories is having any effect on the waste stream. This was done through a waste assessment which is where garbage is sorted and weighed by categories. This study found that 35% of the waste stream is recyclable. This data was compared to the national Municipal waste stream, where 55% of the waste was recoverable. It was also discovered that the recycling program in UCC had a noticeable effect on plastic, a nominal effect on aluminum and cardboard, and a negative effect on paper. This study is to only serve as a baseline and more research needs to be done to make any recommendations on waste disposal improvements.


College dormitories; Recycling programs; University of Nevada; Las Vegas (UNLV); Waste disposal; Waste reduction


Environmental Sciences | Natural Resources and Conservation | Sustainability

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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