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Doctor of Nursing (ND)



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Jennifer Kawi

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Lori Candela

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John Filler

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An APRN-led Opioid Monitoring Clinic was developed and implemented in the primary care setting of Las Vegas' Department of Veterans Affairs in July 2013 to assist primary care providers (PCP) in the management of high risk patients on chronic opioid

therapy for chronic noncancer pain. The clinic assisted in monitoring patients for abuse and misuse of opioids and referred patients for treatment when abuse and misuse were discovered. A study to evaluate the OMC was undertaken from November 22, 2013

through February 23, 2014 to assess the effectiveness of the OMC in meeting its objectives. A total of 61 patients and 26 PCPs participated in the study. The OMC was able to identify 26 patients who were abusing and misusing their prescription opioids that resulted in the discontinuation of their opioid therapy and referral for treatment. The

study also found improved compliance among PCPs in following recommendations from the VA/DoD clinical practice guideline in the management of chronic pain using opioid therapy. All PCPs who referred patients to the OMC reported overall satisfaction in having the OMC co-manage their patients on chronic opioid therapy.


Advanced Practice Nurse; Drug abuse--Treatment—Evaluation; Medication abuse; Opioid abuse; Opioid abuse—Treatment; Pain—Treatment


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