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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Political Science

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Jonathan R. Strand

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John P. Tuman

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Tiffiany Howard

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Andrew Bell

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The research project poses the question: what are the polar structurations of a system after unipolar transitions, and should a system transition into a nonpolar structure, how can this phenomenon be explained? In the study of polarity, two deficiencies are diagnosed that can potentially not only fill a serious gap, but also strengthen the theoretical, conceptual, and systemic tools utilized within the field. The first gap is the absence of any developed treatments of nonpolarity. Categorical taxonomy primarily revolves around uni-, bi-, tri-, or multi- polar structures. The field lacks a coherent conceptualization of nonpolarity, thus limiting the development of a robust theoretical model that can enrich the study of polar structures and world powers. The second deficiency is the shortage of systematized studies of structural transformations, especially the outcome of polar structural transitions after unipolarity. The objective of this research is to conceptualize, test, and analyze the power configurations and post transitional patters within world political systems. The intent is to observe what power configuration unipolar systems transition into, gauge probabilistic outcomes, and if the ensuing power configuration is defined by nonpolarity, address whether a discernible pattern may be ascertained vis-à-vis unipolarity giving way to nonpolarity. Finally, the research attempts to consider the following puzzle: what will the global political order look like after American unipolarity?


Great powers; Hegemons; Nonpolarity; Polarization (Social sciences); Superpowers; Unipolarity; World Political Systems; World politics


International Relations | Political Science

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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