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Marriage and Family Therapy

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Katherine Hertlein

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Gerald Weeks

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Colleen Peterson

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This study was designed to examine the interaction of music-based interventions in the therapeutic process of Martial and Couples Therapy. The use of pre-recorded music was found to be under researched within the literature and created a void within the knowledge that clinicians have about how music might enhance effectiveness of treatment. The inclusion of music in this process is not currently known, which led to this study being conducted. Through a phenomenological lens, the awareness and understanding of how clients react and experience pre-recorded music during the therapeutic process, while still having a selection of options to preserve autonomy, was examined. Sample of participants used in this study were generated from clients seeking therapy at one of the university clinics, the Center for Individual, Couple and Family Counseling.

The findings point to highly effectiveness for consistent musical inclusion in therapy, if utilized with multiple musical selections (i.e. a client selected structure) and non-vocal music tracks. However, limitations such as a lack of saturation in themes around the participants' experiences and data could mean incomplete perspective and greater themes of experience when allowing for greater length of time in testing. The study shows that much more research should be conducted using music as an adjunct to marriage and couple therapy.


Client Selected; Couples therapy; Effective Treatment; Intervention; Marriage counseling; Marriage Therapy; Music; Music therapy; Qualitative


Counseling | Counseling Psychology | Family, Life Course, and Society | Music | Psychology

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