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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Environmental and Public Affairs

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Cecilia Maldonado

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The purpose of this qualitative narrative study was to report the stories of Latina’s experiences with the leadership pipeline in higher education, and determine what venues within that pipeline facilitate or impede access to executive level administrative positions. The practical significance of this study would include expanding the quantity of academic research on Latinas’ interest and inclusion in obtaining executive leadership positions in higher education, where little has been recorded of their presence or successes (Lopez-Mulnix, Wolverton & Zaki, 2011). In addition, though many studies have been conducted on racial and ethnic minority faculty (Eddy, 2009; Moses, 2009; Green & McCloud, 2004), few have addressed the experiences that impact the inclusion, retention and professional advancement of Latinas into executive level administrative positions in qualitative terms using narrative methodology. This study will allow for further insight into the experiences of Latinas employed in higher education from their unique perspectives as they navigate leadership development opportunities. Narrative Inquiry was employed to obtain data from participants, with theoretical perspectives influenced by Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality Theory, and Self-Efficacy Theory. Participants were selected using purposive sampling, and interviewed through semi-structured and open-ended questions. Interviews were transcribed and analyzed using analysis of narrative.


Educational leadership; Higher Education; Hispanic American women; Interviews; Latinas; Leadership; Minorities in higher education; Narrative inquiry; Qualitative; Women


Higher Education | Higher Education Administration | Latina/o Studies | Work, Economy and Organizations

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