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This professional paper is a cross-sectional analysis of the western United States that explores the research question of whether the internet, when used as a marketing tool, has an impact on urban economic development for municipal governments. Economic development has changed throughout the years. It is now global in perspective. The necessity for municipal governments to compete on a global level requires an investigation into new technology and its importance to economic development efforts. Specifically, the advent of the internet and its significance to economic development in municipal governments was explored. A survey was constructed and sent to one hundred fifty (150) western cities, townships or municipal economic development, organizations. The null hypothesis stated that no significant impact had yet been made on economic development through the use of the internet as a marketing tool The data collected did not disprove the null hypothesis Contrary to popular belief expressed in the literature review, no significant increase in job creation, the cornerstone of economic development could be shown. While there was no direct impact displayed, the respondents overwhelmingly believed that the internet was important to the profession of economic development.


West (U.S.); Internet marketing; Economic development; Urban economics; Municipal government; Cities and towns; United States


Economics | Growth and Development | Public Administration | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Urban Studies

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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