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December 2015

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Doctor of Nursing (ND)



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Carolyn E. Sabo

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Carolyn E. Sabo

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Patricia Gatlin

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Jay Shen

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Evidence-based guidelines for recognizing and treating sepsis have been available for decades, yet healthcare providers do not adhere to the recommendations. Sepsis can progress rapidly if not recognized early. Literature reports reveal that sepsis is the leading cause of death in non-cardiac intensive care units (ICUs), and it is one of the most expensive conditions to treat. A hospital in the Las Vegas, Nevada area had previously introduced sepsis management prescriptions in 2011 with no formal education of sepsis guidelines to nurses. The original hospital’s sepsis management prescription sets followed guidelines dated 2008. The purpose of this project was to revise sepsis management prescriptions, develop a sepsis protocol, and develop and present a sepsis education presentation for nurses. The subject population for the educational presentation included registered nurses from critical care departments, medical-surgical departments, women’s departments, and the emergency department (N=243). The method included utilizing evidence-based standards to ensure that sepsis treatment prescription sets were up-to-date. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) student, in collaboration with the sepsis multidisciplinary committee developed a sepsis protocol. The DNP student developed an educational project to inform nurses of the newly revised treatments and management prescriptions and protocols that were going to be introduced into the hospital. The Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice model guided the change project. The majority of the education program evaluation results for each question regarding learning objectives met were reported as “good” or “excellent.” The participants’ subjective interpretation and identification of important things that they will apply or use from the presentation suggested that the participants benefited from attending the face-to-face sepsis education program.


Education; Multidiciplinary; Nursing; Program; Protocol; Sepsis


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